An expert team, specialised in freight forwarding and supply-chain optimization, from and to Malaysia. Our polyglot team, mastering French, Malaysia and English language are guaranteeing you clarity toward the different links composing your supply-chain.

Strong of its decade of experience, DocShipper Malaysia followed proactively the evolution of import/export to answer the modern requirements of the international trade businesses. Our Group is present in more than 40 countries worldwide, a way for us to guarantee door to door service, an all-inclusive logistics solution!

Sea freight

Our great relations with carriers in Malaysia enables us to have competitive rates for their services. LCL, FCL, Bulk, Roro, OOG, we can provide you all these services from and to Malaysia.

Air freight

DocShipper Malaysia is positioned in all Malaysian's international airports. This enables us to book classic, courier or urgent freight from everywhere and at the best price.


In destination of China and all the ASEAN countries, road freight is a fast and inexpensive way to transfer your goods from Malaysia. Our skilled truck drivers will always transport your products safely.

Rail freight

DocShipper Malaysia can provide rail freight services to the major cities in South East Asia and China. Thanks to our great partnerships with railway companies, their great services are available for us.

Freight insurance

Even if it isn't mandatory, it is highly recommended to insure the transport of your goods. We're collaborating with the best freight insurance companies for an excellent coverage of your transport.

Packing services

The packing of your products is an important step of the transfer. It enables to maintain the highest security level for the transfer of your goods. Our operation teams are well trained to carefully pack your products or personal belongings.


Without regarding the necessary time, we can store your goods in our warehouses located in Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Always secured by our security staff and CCTVs, our warehouses are perfect to store your products.

Express shipping

Your goods can be sent anywhere in less than 4 days with express freight. We partnered with the big names of this industry, like DHL, Fedex, TNT and UPS to provide this kind of services.

Door to door

Door-to-door is the "All-in" transport method. You only have to receive your products at your location with this solution. It is the ideal solution if you want to spend the less time possible for the freight.

Cross border

We possess all the requirements to transfer your products to Thailand, Singapore and China by road and maritime freight. Our well trained truck drivers will only use the best itineraries to deliver quickly your goods.

Moving services

Unexpected events are forcing you to receive or deliver goods in less than 48 hours ? Our urgent transfer collaborators are constantly on the look-out to dispatch a steed to deliver your goods asap.

Custom clearance

We're proficient to represent you to customs, for your goods clearance in Malaysia and every other country. Most of our clients are located in Europe, China, South East Asia and North America.


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Dedicated customs services

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Tailored services

Small or voluminous shipment, we can handle it !


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Polyglot customer service

Our experts are speaking English, French and Malay, to avoid any misunderstanding


Safety first, all our freights are well secured from the beginning
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