A number of carrier businesses provide express shipping as a particular service to reduce order delivery times and speed up the shipment. When delivering internationally, express shipment is often done by air.
For shipments that need to be delivered quickly, the majority of shippers employ the express shipping option. The service is also utilized for items that have been given a strict deadline with a minimal advance warning or that are categorized as time-critical.


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Table of Contents

1) What you need to know about Express Shipping

1.1 What are the methods of transfer by air?

There are two methods of shipping packages by air. Conventional air freight and express air freight. The choice of method will depend essentially on the type of product you ship, and above all on their weight and dimensions.


1.2 The difference in the treatment of packages according to their volume

In general, small shipments are sent by express transport, as this is where both methods offer similar prices. Therefore, you may as well choose a fast delivery service for the same price. Beyond approximately 0.25 m3 and 15 kg, express freight becomes much more expensive than conventional freight, hence the almost systematic use of the latter solution.


1.3 What are the differences between conventional and express air freight?

Although these two methods consist of transporting goods by air, two important parameters differentiate them.

First of all, the delivery time. During express freight, the same carrier (UPS, Fedex, DHL...) takes care of the entire transfer of your package, from receipt to delivery to the destination address. As a result, the transfer time is reduced because only one entity is involved from the beginning to the end of the process. In the case of conventional transport, the airline only cares about the air transfer, and all the other stages, the most complex of which is customs clearance, is the responsibility of the freight forwarder. This explains why delivery time is longer. Allow about 7 days for delivery by conventional transport, and about 3-4 days for express delivery.

The second parameter is the price. Express carriers provide a more efficient service that they do not hesitate to charge at the high price. There is a factor of 3 or 4 between the proposed rates for each service.

DocShipper info : Note that the calculation of the volumetric weight is different between "express" and "classic" air cargo. Indeed, here are the ratios on which the taxable weight is based:

  • For "express" air freight: 1 m3 = 200 Kgs
  • For "classic" air freight: 1 m3 = 167 Kgs

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2) Price comparison between carriers

2.1 How to get a quote for a “courier” transport from Malaysia?

By focusing on the transfer price, we will choose the most competitive shipping option. Let's now compare the prices of the three largest carriers, for similar services:

These are the three main companies in the international express freight sector. They have the best international networks, guaranteeing the reliability of their services. Also, FedEx recently acquired the TNT group, and they will merge in 2019. That is why we will not consider their services.

*We therefore suggest comparing prices and choosing the most competitive company.


2.1 Express transfer from Malaysia to France

We take as an example each time a package with a volume of 1m3, a weight of 5 kg and a commercial value of €70. Also, 1 EUR = 4.75 MYR = 1.14 USD on the quotation date.

Service simulation with DHL


DocShipper Advice : Minimum shipping price with DHL: 236€


Service simulation with FedEx


DocShipper Advice : Minimum shipping price with FedEx: 231€

Service simulation with UPS


DocShipper Advice : Minimum shipping price with UPS: 179€

What we can conclude

For a package shipped by courier freight between Paris and Kuala Lumpur:


Price 236€ 231€ 179€


In principle, UPS is the most attractive carrier to Europe from Malaysia. But since their prices are quite similar, the metric allowing you to choose by elimination is the quality of the service they will offer you.

Docshipper Tip : Keep in mind pricing you will get is the "public pricing". Freight forwarder (like us) used to open professional account with them to get special pricing starting on average around 15% discount and can go up to 50% if there are a very high volume. If you need more information or a quote, contact or call our experts!


3) Courier services - Step by step

3.1 How to properly manage the transfer of the parcel?

Check all delivery rules

You should be well aware of the conditions imposed for these services by the carrier. They are generally accessible on their website, but also on their quotation tools. Not all companies necessarily accept to transport the same types of goods.

*So make sure that your product can be supported. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact our experts.

Prepare documents required by the carrier

Prepare the documentation required by the carrier in advance, to ensure that you do not experience any problems during the shipment of your goods. To do this, you can send an email or contact their customer service by phone.

Anticipate taxes and customs duties

Customs duties and taxes may be charged to you for any international transfer of goods. Please note that they are generally not included in the sale price. As the carrier is responsible for customs clearance, he will send you an invoice for customs duties, if any. Be aware that he will only deliver your products to you after you have paid the import taxes.


3.2 How to properly manage a shipment of hazardous products?

Sending conditions

Depending on the type of dangerous goods and the service requested, you may use the services of a courier carrier. However, only senders approved by the carrier are authorized to make this type of order. The shipment of dangerous goods must follow the regulations established by IATA/ICAO.

Your products must be properly packaged, marked and labelled.

A declaration of dangerousness written and signed by the sender is required. She will accompany the property throughout its transfer.

Prior to shipment, all countries and intermediaries in charge of the goods must be notified and accept their transit.

The shipping price of dangerous goods

Additional fees are always added for a transfer of dangerous goods.

hazardous goods

Significant facts concerning such a transfer

Chemicals and electronics, food flavours and fragrances can be categorized as hazardous. If you are considering sending such products, it is necessary to consult the opinion of one of our consultants. You can also refer to the MSDS sheet of the product, which your supplier must provide you. This document compiles all the risks inherent to your product and indicates whether it can be shipped under certain precautions.


3.3 Summary of the sender’s liability

The sender is responsible for the declaration, shipping and labelling of the package. Carriers will only accept your goods under certain conditions.

Do not take the risk of injuring someone or receiving a fine, as your shipment would unfortunately contain hazardous materials. Some products may be considered hazardous when they are not. Make sure to mention "Not restricted" on your documentation to avoid this type of problem.


3.4 Packaging services in Malaysia

DocShipper Malaysia can offer you its packaging services for express transport, regardless of the type of your goods. If you don't know what documentation is required or how to properly pack your goods, our DocShipper experts can do all this on your behalf, for a hassle-free shipment.

How to pack well in a box?

  • Focus on quality: used cardboard boxes lose their rigidity. Be sure of their quality before each shipment.
  • Avoid vacuum: Too much padding weakens the package's resistance to stacking. Boxes that are too large for your belongings increase the risk of crushing your package, even if they are fully padded.
  • Accepted weight: Goods weighing up to 70 kg can be accepted in cartons and crates. But if it is more than 23 kg, the mention "Heavy" is mandatory on your package. Beyond 70 kg, your goods must be palletized.
  • Seal your cardboard in H: Top and bottom, so that any creases are covered with tape.
  • Clearly label your shipment: Old labels must be removed, and new ones placed separately above.

How to manage the palletization of your goods?

  • Stack in columns: the columns ensure maximum resistance to stacking.
  • Do not push your goods beyond the pallet: The pallet must be at least slightly wider than the totality of what it contains. This reduces any risk of damage.
  • Each surface must be flat: Each floor, from the first to the last, must be completely flat.
  • Stow and wrap your boxes: This will help keep your belongings properly on the pallet.

Different wooden pallets


Different plastic pallets


Carton boxes & Label placement


DocShipper info : FNM Malaysia is specialized in international logistic operations. We are able to act as your single point of contact through various logistic services. Sourcing, packing your goods, transportation (air, sea, land), customs clearance, insurance, do not hesitate to call our experts! Contact us via our form or by phone to get a free quote within 24 hours!


3.5 Properly plan the recovery of your package

You can specify a convenient time for the couriers to come and deliver your package. Tell us your availability times, such as your lunch break, so that we do not deliver you in your absence.


4) Why choose DocShipper Malaysia?

Our relations with express carriers

We obtain very competitive rates from express carriers because we provide them with a significant volume of business. As you may have noticed, sending a package to express carriers can be very expensive. You will therefore pay less for your shipments by first going through us to ship them.

Tailor-made logistics solutions for e-commerce, drop-shippers...

DocShipper Malaysia is able to manage the fulfillment and logistics of any e-commerce. Focus on activities that increase your revenue and centralize your supply chain management with our services. You will thus optimize the management of your inventory.

Keep you informed and track your shipment

We are used to communicating regularly and efficiently with express carriers. This will enable us to quickly obtain the information you need, and to resolve any possible problem with the carrier as quickly as possible.


5) Tips for a successful expedition and classic mistakes to avoid


Measure and weigh your package carefully

To avoid delays and additional charges, be sure to provide the correct dimensions of your package when booking. It is important that the measurements are very accurate. As a result, your shipment will be shipped appropriately, and you will be correctly invoiced.

One of the most common mistakes is to measure the dimensions of your goods before packing them, which is a wrong practice. Weighing and measuring your products must be part of the final steps before shipping.

Ensure the transport of your goods

Some courier companies automatically include insurance on the transfer of your goods. Others offer it as a complementary service. Depending on the value of your goods and the importance of the shipment, insuring your goods against damage and loss is not negligible, although this type of event is still rare in reality.

Do not omit anything when making the declaration

For an international transfer with Malaysia, your goods will automatically be cleared through customs. This implies that you provide a customs declaration for the delivery of your goods. This is important because if it does, the delivery may be delayed or returned to the worst-case scenario. Our experts will check that it is not missing, to avoid any problems before sending.

Specify an address in case of return of the package

The return address is essential, it has become mandatory anyway. Carriers will not ship your package if you have not specified a return address for security reasons. This makes it possible to secure shipments, ensuring that your package is received by your recipient or by you in case of a problem, but also that each package is precisely identifiable in case of suspicions.



Do it at the last minute

Although express services are generally used for fast shipments, it is nevertheless preferable to do so as far in advance as possible. At the most complex times of the year, such as Christmas, the delivery of your goods may take longer than expected due to the saturation of shipping networks.

Wrapping your products as gifts

Although this is obvious to most of you, it is common to find people who want to send packages in "gift" packaging. These types of packaging are not suitable for transfer by air, so they will arrive at their destination in very poor condition. If you wish to send your goods in gift packaging, place them in a larger box or box that will protect your gift and its packaging during the trip.

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