DocShipper has been operating for years between Malaysia and the rest of the world. This regional experience allows the company to deliver door-to-door services from Malaysia to the country of your choice quickly, smoothly and efficiently.

What is a door-to-door service?

Door-to-door services are end-to-end logistics services that allow your goods to be transported from your warehouse/factory/home to the agreed final destination. These services, also known as "all-in" transport solutions, allow each customer to entrust their goods to a professional in the sector for a successful and efficient shipment.

As part of these services, you choose the starting point and the arrival point. The teams in charge of your file take charge of your goods until final delivery based on your requirements and recommendations:

  • You choose the starting point: supplier's factory, port or international airport
  • And the point of arrival: your warehouse, your customer, your house...

These services include all the most complex administrative steps (customs clearance, etc.) and allow you to deliver your goods with complete peace of mind.

DocShipper takes care of everything!

As part of these services, DocShipper adapts to your requirements and provides you with a logistics service fully adapted to your needs. The collection of your goods takes place at the location of your choice as well as the final delivery.

Are you based in abroad and do not plan to travel to Malaysia? Our teams ensure that your file is completely taken care of remotely. The collection of your products can take place at your supplier in Malaysia and then ship your goods to the place of your choice. The opposite case is also possible. For a shipment from a European (or others) country to Malaysia, the processes are the same and the permanent follow-up during the delivery of the goods is always ensured by a dedicated expert.

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How does a Door to door services work?

Through our expertise, we put all our know-how at your service for each of your shipments. All the steps of the shipment will be managed by an expert dedicated to your file:

  • The collection and transfer of your goods
  • The packaging or storage service if necessary
  • Transport documents (packing list, commercial invoice, bill of lading, certificate of origin, etc.)
  • Handling, loading and unloading at the port or airport, customs clearance for export and import.
  • Freight to all ports/airports worldwide
  • Delivery to your arrival address

Express Door-to-Door

For goods weighing less than 150 kg, you can use the Door-to-door express service. Our long-standing partnerships with air transport companies; such as FEDEX, DHL, TNT or UPS guarantee you a quality service and some of the most competitive prices on the market.

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Transport from the factory to the original warehouse

The transfer of goods from the supplier's factory to the freight forwarder's warehouse of origin is called the "Haulage Export". This first step generally involves the use of one or more trucks (possibly trains) and usually takes only a few days depending on the distance travelled.

The responsibility for organising and paying for export transport depends on the agreement between the supplier and the buyer. If the agreement stipulates that the buyer is responsible for the shipment, it is therefore the buyer's responsibility to arrange for the shipment of the goods from the factory to the agreed final destination. On the other hand, if the agreement stipulates that the buyer takes responsibility for the transport halfway, then the transport arrangement will be conditioned by the shipper.

Declaration to the customs of origin

Export clearance is required by the authorities of the country of origin to register all shipments leaving the territory. Export clearance is carried out by a licensed customs broker who requires the submission of a declaration detailing the cargo with certain other supporting documents (e. g. Malaysian export licences).

Handling at the origin

The management of the goods at origin includes a number of tasks to be carried out by the freight forwarder or his agent. The freight forwarder receives the goods after unloading the truck to establish a detailed inspection. The shipment will be validated after an inspection of the packaging and a check of the administrative documents.

Handling at the port / airport

Once the cargo has been validated, it is then placed in the original warehouse and loaded into a container for shipment to the agreed port/airport of destination. The goods may occupy one or more containers depending on the total volume of the shipment. If the volume is insufficient to fill an entire container, the shipment will be loaded into a container containing goods from other customers to reach the same final destination port. This practice is also called maritime groupage.

A few days before the ship's departure, the shipments are packed in the container and transported by truck to the port/airport. The container is stacked with other containers to be loaded on the same vessel.

Sea or air freight

Door-to-door service takes freight into account in the transport solution. Depending on its needs and expectations, the buyer has the choice between air or sea freight.

The choice of freight is influenced by two main factors:

  • The volume/weight of the goods
  • The urgency of the situation

The difference between sea freight and air freight is based on transit times. Indeed, air freight requires only a few days for a Europe-Asia shipment (for example, only 5-7 days for Malaysia-United Kingdom door-to-door) while the deadline is more than one month by sea (40/45 days by sea for Malaysia-United Kingdom door-to-door).

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Customs clearance on arrival

The authorities of the country of destination require import clearance for all goods entering the country. This step consists of declaring the goods and their respective values in order to be able to define the amount of duties (if no exemption). Customs clearance consists of presenting all the required documentation to the customs authorities in order to leave the country and continue the shipment. The customs clearance process can start before the cargo arrives at its destination and must be finalized before the cargo crosses the country's trade barriers. The cargo is considered to have entered the country when it crosses the border and leaves a customs zone (or international zone).

A freight forwarder, its agent or a designated customs broker may clear customs, provided they hold a valid licence. The party performing the customs clearance should receive all the documents required to initiate the process. Normally, the process can be started with scanned copies of documents, but some authorities require originals before the process can be completed.

Unless the cargo is sold on DDP (Customs Duty Paid) terms, it is the buyer's responsibility to arrange and pay customs clearance. It is often easier to appoint the freight forwarder or the freight forwarder's agent at destination to clear customs as long as they have all the necessary documents.

Handling at destination

Managing shipping to destination involves multiple tasks. This begins with the receipt and verification of documents from the original agent. Then, the container stored at the port is brought to the warehouse of destination where the cargo is inspected and sorted for delivery or collection.

Delivery to destination

The transfer of cargo from the import warehouse to the consignee's address is referred to as transport to destination or "import haulage". Goods are usually transported by truck or a combination of trucks and trains, and can take up to a few days, depending on the distance to be travelled.

In a door-to-door service, transport is carried out by the freight forwarder who takes care of the final delivery. The customer also has the option of collecting the goods from the freight forwarder's warehouse and then making the final delivery by his own means. In general, individuals/companies with a reduced budget prefer this more economical method of operation.


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