You are most likely searching to import Malaysian items into Singapore. You are at the right positions! We'll provide you some useful information on this topic to make it easier for you to comprehend the modes of transportation, rules, customs processes, etc. All of this information has been gathered for you by FNM Malaysia, a member of the DocShipper group.

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What is the best method of transport between Malaysia and Singapore?

You have a choice in how you wish to import or export your goods to Singapore. It can be by sea, air or land. Every option has benefits and downsides, therefore our moving adviser will assist you in selecting the best option for you.

Sea Freight between Malaysia and Singapore

Shipping from Malaysia to Singapore

Due to Singapore's significant role as an international commercial and transportation center, sea freight is often transported there. In terms of traffic, Singapore port is one of the largest in the world.

If you wish to export a reasonably large volume, often greater than 3 cubic meters, sea freight offers the benefit of a lower cost (depends on many other factors). The greenest form of transportation for goods is also via sea. However, it clearly takes longer than air freight.

Benefits of ocean freight

The most significant benefit is that transporting products from Asia to all corners of the globe, namely from Asia to Malaysia, costs the least! Sea freight has a higher load bearing capacity opposed to other forms of transport, such as road transit.

You may get a guaranteed arrival date with express shipping, which is provided by numerous forwarding services and covers a wide range of shipping routes. You may acquire faster delivery times while still taking use of all the advantages of ocean shipping. Ocean travel has a lower carbon footprint than air traffic, which is good news if you care about the environment.

Negative aspects of marine freight

Ocean freight's main flaw is that it has historically taken much longer than air freight. For instance, depending on the ultimate destination, shipping goods from Malaysia to Singapore might take anywhere between 3-6 days.

The main shipping seaports in Singapore

Port de fret a Amsterdam

In terms of shipping tonnage, Singapore's port is presently among the top three busiest ports in the world. Additionally, the Port of Singapore receives nearly half of the yearly supply of crude oil and one fifth of all carried containers worldwide. Singapore serves as both a destination and a transit hub for cargo from all over the globe.

Transit time between Malaysia and Singapore ports

The expected transit time by sea from Malaysia to Singapore is 2 to 4 days, not including pick-up and delivery at the origin and destination, respectively. Obviously, it depends on where in Malaysia you are as well as other considerations.

Delais de livraison

Malaysia / Singapore Port of Singapore
Port Of Kelang 2-3 days
Port Of Tanjung Pelepas 2-3 days
Port Of Penang 3-4 days

Please note that the transportation time takes just the freight into account. The duration of your cargo may be extended by pick-up, delivery, loading, and unloading, which are not taken into consideration.

Should I ship my goods as a groupage or a full container between Malaysia and Singapore?

The three main categories of standard container sizes are as follows. All of them may be used for both personal and professional transportation. We can observe that merchants use them most often for any kind of solid sample :

  • The 40 feet HQ (High Cube, which has a capacity of 76 cubic meters)
  • The 40 feet container (which has a capacity of 67 cubic meters)
  • The 20 feet container (which has a capacity of 33 cubic meters)

Less than Container Load (LCL)

LCL shipment is a suitable choice when you need more merchandise (size or quantity) to fill the whole container. Additionally, it enables you to just pay for the space that you really need, which makes it perfect for little deliveries. Your goods will be stacked alongside those of another merchant who is traveling in the same direction.

Full Container Load (FCL)

It means that from the moment of travel to the arrival time, just one consumer occupies the whole carrier. To reduce risks and costs, the container will be closed as it leaves the company's premises until it is delivered to the customer.

If you plan to buy a lot of goods, it is a great mode of transportation to employ.

As a result, perfect user FCL will also be safer and less expensive for a bigger number, regardless of whether you fill it entirely. Undoubtedly, a full container may benefit from being less expensive than LCL starting at 15 m3.

Specialized maritime transport between Malaysia and Singapore

The number of your items and the size of your load all affect the kind of assistance you'll require. The following details are very important to keep in mind if you are transporting certain things.

Reefer container

A cold container, often known as a reefer, is one that can keep a certain temperature constant no matter the outside temperature. It operates by transmitting its specifications to the boat's deck.


Roll-on/roll-off ships, also known as Ro-Ro ships, are designed specifically to carry wheeled goods, such as cars, trucks, vans, semi-trailers, and rail line carriages, which are powered by their own tires both inside and outside the ship.

The safest and most efficient way to handle and move larger or unique business goods. Deliveries are often transported as a single unit utilizing specialized containers from the dock to the final destination. 


Bulk supplies are dropped off right in the ship's cargo. As a result, a certification is created locally and made available for common and bulk shipments. Large-scale, freely moving freight. Bulk carriers are ships that are specifically designed to handle each kind of cargo, such as sand, aggregates, grain, and dense goods like minerals.


"Out of measure or out of standard" is what OOG Out of Gauge (OOG) freight refers to. Accessible containers and plain stack containers are the two categories into which OOG chambers may be split.

Finished goods that need to be handled and loaded using a forklift are transported in the Open Top Container.

Info Docshipper : The experts at DocShipper are available to address any queries you may have regarding heavy lifting or other types of cargo. They will respond to all of your inquiries and present you with the best option available. Get in touch with us for more details.

How much does it cost to ship from Malaysia to Singapore?

The cost of shipping goods by sea varies widely based on several variables. For instance, you won't choose the same container type depending on whether you're shipping a large or little amount.

If you are shipping less than 15 cubic meters, we suggest selecting an LCL (Less than Container Load) rather than an FCL (Full Container Load). Naturally, our professionals will assist you in making the greatest decision for your requirements.

*Depending on your requirements, we may offer you packing and/or loading service, which will also affect the final cost.

We can, however, explain how this is computed, since maritime freight cost is based on the weight and amount of the products shipped.

  • You should be aware that the weight/volume ratio is determined using the following equivalency rule: 1 ton Equals 1 m3
  • In UP, groupage and conventional transportation are well-established. This measurement equals one of the following:
  • It will always be in the carrier's favor to do the calculation, or correspond to the largest value, regardless of the unit of measurement (in volume or in mass).

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Additional charges

Charges assessed by marine transport companies are in supplementary to the price agreed upon by the parties and are dependent upon the circumstances. The intricacy of the cost of shipping freight by water distinguishes it.

Bunker Adjustment Factor, or BAF

This tariff supplement reflects changes in the cost of oil. During the first oil embargo in 1973, maritime corporations started to use it due to the consumption of new ships. Since then, it has stayed on schedule.

Currency Adjustment Factor, or CAF

The dollar's value changes are reflected in this fee. Since the great bulk of maritime shipping charges is computed in US dollars, businesses use this extra as insurance against cash flows.

Terminal Handling Charge (THC)

The handling costs at the seaport of loading / unloading are represented by THC. If the cargo is conventional (also known as "non-containerized"), the price may be variable or fixed depending on the kind of container being used. During the latter scenario, the tariff is calculated per kilo, which may include additional fees (for "excessive" size or weight).

Origin Receipt Charge (ORC)

Only while leaving Chinese ports are you required to pay this extra. It assists in funding the very quick growth of Chinese ports.

Port obstruction

The mismatch between a port's operating capabilities and the number of ships is what causes port congestion. Before it can discharge its cargo, a ship must wait at one of these ports, often for many days. To make up for this "loss of income", the corporations impose a premium. The Persian Gulf and Mediterranean ports (Algeria, Libya, etc.) are the primary ones that experience congestion.

Air Freight between Malaysia and Singapore

Air freight from Malaysia to Singapore

Air freight travel to Malaysia from Singapore is undoubtedly quite popular. Singapore serves as both a marine and an aviation hub.

When shipping a limited quantity of products, it is usually best to choose air freight over sea freight. In fact, there are extra costs associated with shipping modest quantities by sea, such as bundling and unbundling fees at the port since your product must share a container with other deliveries. Due to this, if your package doesn't really reach 3 m³, we suggest shipping via air.

Conventional or express air freight?

There are two distinct forms of transportation available:

Conventional air freight: This method makes use of the space aboard commercial aircraft and is used by airlines like British Airways, Air China, Thai Airways, and Qatar Airways to transport goods on regularly scheduled flights.

Express air freight: Items are transported by aircraft specifically built for air freight under this second, more costly alternative. The task of providing door-to-door services, such as picking up the things from the airline and delivering them to the customer, is then carried out by organizations referred to as "courier firms." They consist of UPS, FedEx, TNT, and DHL. This method of supplying goods to clients also allows for hand delivery of those goods anywhere in the globe.

classic vs express air freight

Changi Airport in Singapore

Singapore's main airport, Changi Airport, serves as a regional center for air travel in Southeast Asia. It is known for having excellent service, cleanliness, etc. at the airport. You shouldn't be concerned since it has been named the greatest airport in the world for the last five years by Skytrax.

Delais de livraison

Transit time between Malaysia and Singapore airports

Depending on your departure location, the typical flight from Malaysia to Singapore should take 1 hour. So, from the pick-up location to the delivery destination, allow 6 to 9 days for the full delivery. Again, this is merely an estimate.

*Take note that the logistical process does not end with the flight; a package might get held at customs for a variety of reasons.

Note SIAM : Transit times are difficult to predict since they mostly rely on the spending plan: a flight that leaves in a day is conceivable, but it will likely cost more money. You might anticipate 2 to 4 days on average.

How much does air freight cost between Malaysia and Singapore?

Because weight and volume considerations affect air freight prices so much, the cost is likely to change depending on what you transport. Additionally, your package will need to pass through customs clearance upon arrival, thus the contents of your shipment will impact your costs.

What is the difference between volumetric and gross weight?

*To consider the density of your shipment, two methods are used to sort out the chargeable weight of your goods.

Let's examine how air freight rates are determined together. The distinction between volumetric weight and actual weight is the most crucial thing for you to comprehend. You can comprehend your air freight estimates after you get it

gross-vs-dimensional-weight           airfreight-volumetric-weight-formula

The carrier will provide a price based on this weight if the volumetric weight is more than the actual weight of your package. Now that you know how it works, you may utilize online load weight calculators to make it simpler.

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Customs clearance in Singapore for goods imported from Malaysia

As you are undoubtedly aware, it is required to pass through customs and has your items cleared while traveling from one nation to another with personal possessions. Siam Relocation may assist to handle the customs clearance of your items because they are used to dealing with customs.

Process of Customs

Officers from the Royal Malaysian Customs Department will examine your order and related documents once the truck reaches the Johor customs checkpoint.

You need the following documentation to clear your products for export:

  • Packing list, 
  • Commercial Invoice, 
  • Air Waybill, 
  • Export Permit (if required)

To export products that need a license, the exporter often has to register with the Malaysian Companies Commission. A license to export certain plants, timber products, minerals, and other goods is one of the requirements. The Royal Malaysian Customs Department's official website has a list of the things that need this export authorization.

A classification and declaration of your products must be made to Malaysian authorities before the shipment. Malaysia classifies your products using the System Source tax code, much like the majority of customs agencies. Using the HSS Explorer, you may see how your items are classified. 2 Based on what you are sending, tariffs and taxes can apply to your purchase.

Information Docshipper : You may pay duties and GST in person at the Singapore Customs Tax Bill Department using visa and MasterCard, mobile wallets, NETS payments, or Cashcard. On the Customs SG mobile app and website, credit cards from Visa or Master are also an option for payment.

All items brought into Singapore will be subject to a 7% tax on goods and services (GST). There will be taxation on things like alcohol and cigarettes, among other things. On the authorized Singapore Customs website, you can discover the complete list of items subject to duties. 5 The CIF method, which takes into account the cost of the products, the cost of insurance, and the freight price of the cargo, is used to determine the tax assessments of goods into Singapore.

How can I find my HS code?

  • Asking your vendor is the most secure and effective course of action.
  • Visit this website to find the HS code if he is unable to supply it.
  • It is quite easy to use. Enter your search word in the search area to get the results. Take "pineapple" as an example once again.find-HS-code-online

How to estimate taxes and customs duties

  • The entire value of the imported item must be added to the consumption tax (if applicable) + environmental protection rate (if applicable) + tax rate in order to determine the amount of the customs duty.
  • The entire cost of the imported product plus the import tax) x the VAT rate are used to determine the VAT.
  • The value of the product is simply multiplied by the appropriate SCT rate to determine the special consumption tax.
  • Simply multiply the number of taxable commodities by the EPR rate to get the environmental protection tax.
  • Finally, to figure out all the taxes that apply to importing into Malaysia, just do the computation below: import duty plus VAT plus any applicable TCS plus EPT (if applicable)

Does Docshipper impose any duties?

We won't accept money as part of your regular commitments. We will return the information that Malaysian Customs has supplied in order to prove this to you. Only the costs involved in producing a regulatory information document are eligible for an indulgence. DocShipper will be in charge of obtaining these customs leniency costs, since we will be producing the required paperwork for you. The fees associated with customs will be collected by the government.

Advice Docshipper : It is very common to end up with a lot of extra taxes at the end of your import. We advise you to be well-informed on all the taxes. For more information, contact Docshipper.

What documentation is required for freight between Malaysia and Singapore ?

Documents of conformity (CE standard)

The nation of origin of the transported items is confirmed by the certificate of origin. This document indicates the country of manufacturing, which should not be mistaken with the country of origin of the products. This is a requirement for international commerce.

Certificate of Origin

You must have the original invoice in order to clear your goods through customs, whether you are traveling to Malaysia or Singapore. Verify that the amount shown on the packing list and the original invoice are the same.

Certificate of origin Malaysia

Bill of Lading

The exporter's delivery of the stated products is attested to by the bill of lading, which serves as a proof of transportation document. The bill of lading is also a legal document that has to be considered. Additionally, it offers all the information required to handle the freight and properly invoice it.

Bill of lading-DocShipper

Packing List

The "packing list" is a document that shippers prepare for each party in the supply chain. Every air and sea freight cargo must have this official document, which contains all the details on the product(s) and packaging that are included in each shipment.

Additional DocShipper Services


Warehousing and storage

If you have an emergency, a setback, or anything else that can interfere with your transfer, a warehousing service may be helpful to you. For instance, you may store your products at our warehouse if you need to leave Thailand a few days before they are sent to Singapore. We have alarm systems and guards on duty around-the-clock to completely safeguard our warehouses. You may have complete faith in us.

More info on our dedicated page : Warehousing services

service -emballage

Packaging and repackaging

Boxes are the most used kind of packaging material. If your cardboard is of excellent quality, it may be various sizes and extremely durable. If you're on a limited budget, pack wisely. Choose quality boxes for critical and durable things.

SIAM Relocation offers to handle all of your packing requirements for you. Whatever you desire may be packed by our technical staff. Some items have unusual proportions, right? They'll do the packing for you! You are unable to pack since you lack furnishings for packing. For you, they will pack!

More info on our dedicated page: Packing Services


Cargo Insurance

The price of insurance fluctuates according to the kind of vehicle used, the concept of the product, and the insurance company. The pronounced value may be raised by up to 20% to reflect any damage, regardless of the items. The advocate states the item's value in addition to the primary transportation costs.

Check our dedicated page: Services for insurance

service de Demenagement

Relocating and moving personal effects

Is it true that you desire to travel to Malaysia? When you travel, you may have a lot of bags or mementos to transport. Professionals handle all the urgent, packaging, and customs inspection to guarantee works great to your residence, whether it is in Malaysia, Singapore, or any other country on the globe.

Check our dedicated page: Moving assistance

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