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What is the best method of transport between China and Malaysia ?

How you import or export your items to Malaysia is entirely up to you. It can be done by air or sea. Every choice has advantages and disadvantages, so our moving advisor will help you decide which is best for you.

Sea Freight between Malaysia and China

Shipping from Malaysia to China

China is one of Asia's most beautiful countries and has a highly developed economy. It upholds the free market principle. Behind Germany, it has the second-largest economy on the continent, ranking seventh overall.

If you wish to export a significant volume, which is often greater than 3 cubic meters, sea freight offers the benefit of a lower cost (depends on many other factors). Additionally, the most environmentally friendly method of shipping goods is by sea. But it certainly takes longer than air freight.

The advantages of sea freight

The major benefit is that it is least expensive to send goods from Asia to every part of the world! Sea freight has a higher weight carrying capability than other forms of transportation, such as road travel.

You can get a guaranteed delivery date with express shipping, which is provided by numerous forwarding companies and covers a wide range of shipping routes. Even with all the advantages of ocean transportation, quicker arrival times are still possible. Ocean travel has a lower carbon footprint than air travel, which is good news if you care about the environment.

Negative aspects of marine freight

The major disadvantage of ocean freight is how much longer it frequently takes compared to air freight. For instance, depending on the final destination, shipping goods from China to Malaysia could take anywhere between 25 and 60 days.

China’s primary seaports for shipping

Port de fret a Amsterdam

Because of the significant commercial activity that occurs throughout the year, the infrastructure of China seaports is quite sophisticated. Thousands of international and domestic waterways vessels carrying a variety of commodities pass through the country's several ports each year. The overall operation costs billions of dolards.

Port of Ningbo-Zhoushan

Ningbo Zhoushan Port is a Chinese port established in 2006 by the merger of two neighboring ports of Ningbo and Zhoushan under the same authority. It is located in Zhejiang Province on the east coast of the China Sea, south of Hangzhou Bay, facing Jiaxing and Shanghai.

The port authority said that in 2013, the volume of container traffic was 17.326 million TEUs (the fifth largest port in China and the seventh largest port in the world), the total cargo volume was 399.25 million tons and the volume of iron ore was 53.32 million. tons and 53.86 million tons of crude oil. In 2014, the increase in container traffic made Ningbo Zhoushan Port surpass Busan Port to become the fifth busiest port in the world2. In 2016, it became one of the world's leading ports in terms of cargo handling volume (over 900 million tons).

Port Authority: Ningbo Port Authority

Port of Shanghai

Shanghai Port (Shanghai Harbor) is a deep water port via Yangshan Port, as well as a river port. It is close to Hangzhou Bay between the East China Sea and the Yangtze, Huangpu and Qiantang rivers.

Since 2005, it has been the world's largest port by tonnage. According to city officials, container traffic in 2010 reached 29.05 million TEUs (20-foot equivalent units). Shanghai surpassed Singapore by 500,000 TEU4. In 20175, this container traffic reached 40,233,000 TEUs and reached 42,010 in 20185, nearly 5 million TEUs ahead of Singapore (36,600 TEUs in 2019).

Port Authority: Port Authority of Shanghai

Port of Tianjin

At the mouth of the Hai He River in Bohai Bay, in the Binhai New District, is a port called Tianjin Port. The entire urban area of Beijing is included in its hinterland, which is located behind Tianjin and is the largest port in northern China. It serves as one of the New Silk Road's eastern entry

Port authority : Port Authority of Tianjin


Transit time between Malaysia and China ports

The estimated maritime travel time from Malaysia to China, without picking up and delivering products at the origin and destination, is 20 to 30 days. Naturally, this will depend on where in Malaysia you are as well as other things.

Delais de livraison

Malaysia/China Ningbo-Zhoushan   Shanghai   Tianjin


Pasir Gudang   21 Days 22 Days 25 Days
Penang 25 Days 27 Days 30 Days
Tanjung Pelepas 20 Days 25 Days 25 Days
Port Kelang 24 Days 28 Days 30 Days

Please note that the transit time only takes the freight into account. The time of your shipment may be extended if pickup, delivery, loading, and unloading are not included in.

Should I send my items from Malaysia to China in a groupage or a full container ?

The three main categories of standard container sizes are as follows. All of them can be used for both leisure and business travel. They are frequently used by merchants for any kind of solid sample, as we can see:

  • The HQ from 40 feet up (High Cube, which has a capacity of 76 cubic meters)
  • The 40-foot shipping container (which has a capacity of 67 cubic meters)
  • The twenty foot container (which has a capacity of 33 cubic meters)

Less than Container Load (LCL)

LCL shipping is a suitable choice if you need extra product (in terms of size or quantity) to fill the entire container. Additionally, it enables you to just pay for the exact amount of space you actually use, which makes it perfect for little deliveries. Your goods will be placed next to those of a different vendor going in the same direction.

Full Container Load (FCL)

It indicates that a single customer uses the full carrier from the time of departure to the time of arrival. To reduce risks and costs, the container will be sealed as soon as it leaves the company's property until it is delivered to the customer.

If you want to buy a lot of goods, it is a great mode of transportation to employ.

Therefore, whether or not you fill it up to the brim, optimal user FCL will also be more affordable and safer for a broader number of people. Unquestionably, a full container may benefit from being less expensive than LCL after it reaches 15 m3.

Specialized maritime transport between Malaysia and China

Depending on how many items you have and how much weight you are carrying, you may require help. Keep in mind the following information if you are carrying specific things.

Reefer container

A cold container, often known as a reefer, can keep a certain temperature regardless of the outside conditions. It works by communicating commands to the boat's deck.


Ro-Ro ships, also known as roll-on/roll-off ships, are designed specifically to transport wheeled goods, such as automobiles, trucks, vans, semi-trailers, and rail carriages, both inside and outside the ship.

The most effective and secure way to handle and transport larger or atypical business commodities. Deliveries are frequently transported as a single unit using specialized containers from the dock to the destination.


Bulk deliveries of supplies are made right into the ship's hold. As a result, a certification is now available for regular and large local shipments. uncontrolled, big freight. Bulk carriers are ships designed specifically to transport various sorts of cargo, such as heavy goods like minerals, sand, aggregates, and grain.


The definition of OOG Out of Gauge (OOG) freight is "out of measure or out of standard." OOG chambers can be split into two groups: plain stack chambers and accessible chambers.

The Open Top Container is used to ship finished goods that need to be handled and loaded by a forklift.

Info Docshipper : When discussing international trade from or to Malaysia, ocean cargo is the most well-known shipping method. This strategy is far more cost-effective for long-distance and large-volume shipping when compared to air and rail freight. You can ask any questions you may have about heavy lifting or other sorts of goods to the specialists at DocShipper. They will address all of your questions and give you the finest solution they have. To learn more, get in touch with us.

How much does it cost to ship from Malaysia to China ?

Shipping goods by sea freight carries a wide range of costs based on a number of variables. For instance, you wouldn't use the same container type if you were sending a small or large quantity.

If your shipment is less than 15 cubic meters in size, go with an LCL (Less Than Container Load) as opposed to an FCL (Full Container Load). Naturally, our professionals will help you make the decision that is optimal for your requirements.

*The ultimate cost will be affected by your needs and our capacity to offer packing and/or loading services.

We can nevertheless explain how this is computed because the weight and quantity of the products being transported impact the cost of marine freight.

You should be aware that the weight/volume ratio is determined using the equivalent rule: = 1 m3 per ton.
In UP, groupage and conventional forms of transportation are well-established.
The carrier will always benefit by performing the computation or correlating to the highest value, regardless of the unit of measurement (in volume or in mass).

Remark Docshipper : The packing process is crucial because it ensures the security of your goods from the point of departure to the point of arrival. Some customers don't think they actually need this step because it has a specific cost. Big mistake! You want to know more about the packaging services we offer. Speak to our shipping specialist or go to our specialized page: packaging service.

Added expenses

In addition to the agreed-upon price, sea transport providers may charge additional fees that vary according to the situation. The complexity of freight shipping by sea distinguishes it.

BAF, short for Bunker Adjustment Factor

Variations in the price of oil are taken into account by this tariff addition. During the first oil embargo in 1973, maritime businesses started using it as a result of the demand for new ships. Since then, it has adhered to its schedule.

CAF stands for Currency Adjustment Factor.

This fee reflects fluctuations in the dollar's value. Companies utilize this additional as cash flow insurance because the majority of maritime shipping charges are computed in US dollars.

Terminal Handling Charge (THC)

THC is a representation of the loading and unloading handling charges at the port. Depending on the kind of container being used, conventional cargo, often known as "non-containerized," may have a variable or fixed price. In the second scenario, the tariff is calculated per kilogram and could include extra fees (for "excessive" size or weight).

Origin Receipt Charge (ORC)

This extra charge is only applicable when leaving Chinese ports. It aids in financing China's ports, whose number is continually growing.

Port blockage

An imbalance between the number of ships and a port's operational capacity causes port congestion. Before releasing its cargo, a ship must wait at one of these ports, frequently for several days. In order to make up for this "loss of income," the corporations impose a fee. The ports along the Persian Gulf and the Mediterranean are the ones that experience the most congestion (Algeria, Libya, etc.).

Air Freight between Malaysia and China

Air freight from Malaysia to China

Air freight from China to Malaysia is undoubtedly very common. Both sea and air travel pass through China.

When transporting a few products, air freight is often preferred over maritime freight. In fact, there are additional costs associated with delivering small amounts by sea, such as bundling and unbundling fees at the port, because your product must share a container with other deliveries. Because of this, if your shipment doesn't exactly measure 3 m3, we recommend delivering by air.

Express versus regular air freight ?

There are two distinct forms of transportation:

Traditional air freight : This method is used by airlines like British Airways, Air China, Thai Airways, and Qatar Airways to deliver cargo on routine flights. It utilizes the space on commercial airplanes that is available.

Express air freight : With this second, more expensive choice, things are flown on freighter-specific aircraft. After that, "courier firms" are in charge of offering door-to-door services, such picking up the things from the airplane and delivering them to the customer. They are, in order, UPS, FedEx, TNT, and DHL. This method of supplying goods to clients also enables hand delivery of such items anywhere in the world.

classic vs express air freight

Delais de livraison

The transit time between between Malaysian and Chines airports

The flight from Malaysia to China can take from 6 to 8 hours if there are no problems, this time also depends on the place of departure.

*Keep in mind that logistics don't end with the flight; for a number of reasons, customs may decide to keep a shipment.

Note SIAM : Transit times are difficult to forecast because they mostly depend on budget; a flight leaving the next day is possible, but it will probably be more expensive. In general, 2 to 4 days might be expected. For more information, don't hesitate to contact us.

How much does air freight between China and Malaysia cost ?

Considering how much bulk and weight affect air freight rates, the cost will probably change based on what you're transporting. Because your shipment must also pass customs when it arrives, the contents will have an impact on your rates.

What distinguishes volumetric weight from gross weight ?

In order to account for the density of your cargo, two methods are used to classify the charged weight of your items.

Let's examine the process used to determine air freight tariffs. Understanding the distinction between volumetric weight and real weight is crucial for you. You can comprehend your air freight quotes once you've received them.

gross-vs-dimensional-weight           airfreight-volumetric-weight-formula

The carrier will provide you a quote based on this weight if the volumetric weight exceeds the actual weight of your consignment. Now that you know how it works, you may utilize online load weight calculators to make things simpler.

DocShipper Plus : Thanks to our solid connections with global cargo carriers, we can offer you very competitive rates for major air cargo services between Malaysia and China. We may schedule both regular and courier air freight, as well as add truckload services, to deliver your things wherever you are. Get in contact with us for a quote in less than 24 hours.

China customs clearance for products imported from Malaysia

As you are no doubt aware, it is required to pass through customs and get your belongings cleared when transferring from one nation to another with personal belongings. DocShipper Malaysia will be able to assist with the customs clearance of your items thanks to their experience working with customs.

Process of Customs

Once the truck reaches the Johor customs checkpoint, Process of Customs Officers from the Royal Malaysian Customs Department will inspect your order and any associated paperwork.

To export your goods, you must have the following paperwork :

  • Air Waybill
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Export Permit (if required)

When exporting products that need a license, the exporter typically needs to register with the Malaysian Companies Commission. A license to export particular plants, forest products, minerals, and other goods is one of the requirements. The Royal Malaysian Customs Department's official website has a list of the things that need this export permit.

When exporting products that need a license, the exporter typically needs to register with the Malaysian Companies Commission. A license to export particular plants, forest products, minerals, and other goods is one of the requirements. The Royal Malaysian Customs Department's official website has a list of the things that need this export permit.

You must classify and declare your items to Malaysian authorities prior to shipment. The System Source tax code is used by Malaysia's customs agency to categorize your products, as is common practice. Using the HSS Explorer, you may see how your products are classified. Depending on what you send, taxes and customs may be charged on your transaction.

Customs value

When goods from other countries are imported into China or another member of Asia , customs fees and taxes must be paid. These are calculated by adding a specific percentage to the value of the imported goods.

Custom value

It equals the price of the items by taking into account all related transportation expenses to the border with Asia. sometimes referred to as CIF (Incoterm) value. This is the cost of the goods when they arrive at a port of entry into Asia, regardless of the country they are being shipped to:

  • The basis for calculating the customs duties will be the customs value.

Statistical value or customs value

Like the customs value before it, the statistical value simply takes into account a product's worth when it enters Chinese territory. It does not account for any transit costs. For instance, when goods arrive at Shanghai or Beijing ports, both of which are entry gateways into Asia and are situated on Chinese soil, they typically match the customs value at the union border.

If the point of entry into the customs territory of Asia is not China, the transport costs that were used to calculate the China border value must be included.

It is used to collect some national taxes as well as data on a country's foreign trade.

The tax amount

The tax value, sometimes called "value of first destination," serves as the basis for the collection of VAT on Chinese territory (also known as "Consumption or MAC").

Included in the VAT tax base are :

taxes, fees, assessments, and any levies except the VAT (customs duties and all other ancillary national taxes, if any, are included in the VAT calculation base).
Incidental costs, including the cost of storing, transporting, packing, and insuring the items until their initial destination in China.

Information Docshipper : Visa, MasterCard, mobile wallets, NETS payments, Cashcard, and other payment methods are accepted for in-person duty and GST payments at the China Customs Tax Bill Department. Both Visa and Mastercard credit cards are accepted for payment on the Customs SG mobile app and website.

All commodities shipped into China will be subject to a 7% goods and services tax (GST). In addition to other things, there will be taxes on things like cigarettes and alcohol. On the official China Customs website, you may see the complete list of commodities subject to duties. For the purpose of determining the tax assessments for products entering China using the CIF system, the cost of the goods, the cost of insurance, and the freight price of the cargo are taken into account.

How can I find my HS code?

  • Asking your dealer is the smartest and safest line of action.
  • Visit this website to find the HS code if he is unable to supply it.
  • It is quite easy to use.find-HS-code-online

Calculate customs duties with the HS Code

Knowing the rate of customs charges and taxes imposed on your product when it is imported will be interesting now that you have the HS code.

Visit the Hs China customs system on the official Chinese customs website to do this.

You will find a page similar to this one :

Follow website

You must be in possession of one of the two following information :

The product's HS code
The name of the product
Once you've highlighted the product name, you may click "research" to see the results and monitor the page's progress :

Follow website 2
By scrolling down you will find all the information about your products, you can also follow the suggestions to refine your research

Follow website 3

How to calculate tax and duty estimates

  • The entire import value, the consumption tax (if applicable), the environmental protection rate (if applicable), and the tax rate are all added together to determine the customs duty amount.
  • The import tax and the total cost of the imported good are multiplied by the applicable VAT rate to determine the VAT.
  • The special consumption tax is calculated by multiplying the product's value by the applicable SCT rate.
  • Simply multiplying the amount of taxable goods by the EPR rate yields the environmental protection tax.
  • Finally, just sum up all applicable taxes for importing into Malaysia using the following calculation : VAT, any applicable TCS, and import taxes are added to the EPT (if applicable).

Docshipper does it impose any obligations ?

Payment is not a part of your ongoing obligations to us. We'll return the information that Malaysian Customs gave us to prove this to you. Only costs associated with producing a regulatory information document are eligible for an indulgence. DocShipper will be in charge of obtaining these customs leniency fees since we will be preparing the required paperwork for you. The customs fees will be gathered by the government.

Advice Docshipper : It is fairly typical to incur significant additional taxes at the conclusion of your import. We suggest you be well informed on all taxes. Contact Docshipper for additional details.

What paperwork is necessary for shipping goods between Malaysia and China ?

Documents proving compliance (CE standard)

The conveyed goods' country of origin is confirmed by the certificate of origin. This document identifies the country of manufacture, which should not be mistaken with the country of origin of the goods. This is required for global trade.

Authentication of Origin

You need the original invoice whether you are traveling to China or Malaysia in order to get your things through customs. Verify that the amount on the packing list and the amount on the initial invoice are the same.

Certificate of origin Malaysia

Bill of Lading

The delivery of the specified products by the exporter is confirmed by the bill of lading, a document that serves as proof of transportation. The bill of lading is another legal document that should be considered. Additionally, it offers all the information required to manage the freight and properly bill it.

Bill of lading-DocShipper

Packing List

Each link in the supply chain has a “packing list” created by the shipper. Every air and sea freight shipment must be accompanied by this official document, which contains details about the item(s) and packaging that are contained in each shipment.

Additional DocShipper Services


Warehousing and storage

If you encounter an emergency, a setback, or anything else that might hinder your relocation, a warehousing service might be useful to you. For instance, you can store your products in our warehouse if you need to leave Malaysia a few days before they are sent to China.

Visit our specialty page at Warehousing.

service -emballage

Packaging and repackaging

Boxes are the most widely used kind of packaging. If your cardboard is of excellent quality, it may come in a range of sizes and be quite robust. If you're on a tight budget, pack carefully. When packing valuable or long-lasting objects, choose strong packaging.

Docshipper can handle all of your packing requirements. Whatever you need to pack, our technological professionals can handle it. You must agree that certain objects have odd dimensions. We'll take care of the packing for you! You are unable to pack since you lack the necessary supplies. For you, they will pack!

More information can be found on our specialist page : packing services.


Cargo Insurance

The price of insurance is influenced by the type of vehicle being insured, the concept behind the product, and the insurance company. The pronounced value may be increased by up to 20% to indicate any damage, regardless of the equipment. The advocate includes the item's value in addition to the main transportation costs.

View our specialty page here : insurance services.

service de Demenagement

Relocating and moving personal effects

Are you truly planning to travel to Malaysia ? When you travel, you might need to pack a lot of bags or keepsakes. Professionals handle all the urgent, packaging, and customs inspection to make sure that everything gets to your house in top shape, whether you are in Malaysia, China, or anywhere else in the world.

Visit our dedicated page for moving assistance.

DocShipper Advise : We help you with the entire sourcing process so don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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