Our company offers storage solutions advantageously located in major commercial bridges around the world, with a multitude of storage options to suit our customers' needs: Short or long-term, commercial goods or personal effects… Let us find the best storage solution!

One of the key points of a supply chain is warehousing – choosing the right position and the best installation for your company's needs improves operations and market speed. In order to meet seasonal demand, our facilities are multi-user, which allows great flexibility. There is also the possibility of selecting personalized, and unique warehouses designed for your company using appropriate equipment and technologies.

Whether you want the highest level of storage security to transport valuable goods to refrigerated or non-refrigerated locations, we offer complete warehouses with highly qualified operations and management teams to ensure the success of your company's operations.

Storage services in Malaysia

Warehousing and distribution

In order to enable you to increase your efficiency, DocShipper offers you a complete range of storage and distribution services for all sectors of activity. We will be able to meet your expectations with routing solutions and logistics operations in the country.

Simplify inventory management

We use powerful online storage software that allows you to optimize your business by giving you an overview of your projects – from the number of stocks available in different locations to supply chain efficiency analysis.

This system allows you to combine your logistics needs and meet distribution expectations.

DocShipper - An all-inclusive service

Be ready for all hypotheses, DocShipper offers you a range of services in Malaysia to meet all your needs:

  • Warehousing and distribution: pallet selection, crating, and packaging
  • E-commerce: carry out orders
  • Printing and labeling
  • Sorting and packing

warehousing services malaysia

Why choose storage in 6 essential points

Choose the right space

It is important to know the essential elements before choosing storage as a storage solution for your company. The purpose of this article is to clarify for you the advantages of this solution.

There are many things to consider when deciding to store your goods in a warehouse. These vary from choosing a secure base with alarms and CCTV, to choosing a warehouse with enough space to meet your storage needs, choosing a location that suits your business, deciding if you will need a loading dock, etc.

A number of factors come into play when it comes to storing goods. They change according to the level of security (CCTV, alarms), the space that corresponds to your expectations, the need for a loading platform, the location, etc.

It, therefore, seems essential to establish a list of your needs beforehand so that your needs and storage solutions are in agreement.

Storage: the best choice?

Storing your stock can be a waste of space, productivity, and profitability. Changes in seasons and human resources are elements that make the maintenance of a private warehouse a real headache. These are the reasons why we present the advantages of storage to you.

DocShipper Info: Choose DocShipper to save time, money and especially stress. Stay focused on your business and let us manage the rest!

Development opportunities

The reputation of a product could increase and would therefore require suitable storage space: storage is the space you are looking for and allows you to satisfy customer demand.

DocShipper Plus: Reactivity and efficiency: Store your belongings with DocShipper !

Stay focused on your company’s objectives

Storage becomes less of a burden for your business.

Choose to ship with a serene mind, choose DocShipper to take care of your belongings!


Selecting a warehouse near your customers allows you to save on the transport of goods within the national territory.

DocShipper Plus: Flexibility, reactivity and regular follow-up: This is what makes us so special!

Store your belongings and much more

Other services are also available in addition to warehousing that will help you meet your logistics needs

  • A competitive storage move
  • Receiving stocks
  • Shipping goods on pallets
  • Tracking storage products
  • Security of the premises CCTV 24/7
  • Value gain

The implementation of an efficient logistics system allows you to reduce overall inventory time, and costs and optimize customer service through the availability of the desired goods when necessary.

Economic benefit of storage

Storage is a significant economic advantage due to its operational efficiency, storage capacity, and location. Having products delivered directly to a warehouse already packaged and sent in a single order reduces delivery costs, which is not the case for items shipped individually from different sources.

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DocShipper Advise : We help you with the entire sourcing process so don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

  • Having trouble finding the appropriate product? Enjoy our sourcing services, we directly find the right suppliers for you!
  • You don't trust your supplier? Ask our experts to do quality control to guarantee the condition of your goods!
  • Do you need help with the logistics? Our international freight department supports you with door to door services!
  • You don't want to handle distribution? Our 3PL department will handle the storage, order fulfillment, and last-mile delivery!


DocShipper | Your dedicated freight forwarder in Malaysia !


Due to our attractive pricing, many customers trust our services and we thanks them. Stop overpaying the services and save money with our tailored package matching will all type of shipment, from small volume to full container, let us find the best and cost-effective solution.

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