Who Are We?

DocShipper Malaysia is an international freight forwarder company based in Kuala Lumpur. Our group covers more than forty countries worldwide and is in a continuous state of growth,  we have been handling shipments between Malaysia and anywhere else in the world. DocShipper is not a traditional logistics company, not even close. In fact, we are pretty much the opposite. Our team is flipping a gazillion dollar industry on its head. DocShipper was founded with a clear goal and mission that is to "redefine international logistics for SME & individuals. We decided to "shake up" the traditional logistics industry and establish "new standards” based on technology, in addition to a devoted customer service.

DocShipper coordinates part of the transport logistics

By definition, a freight forwarder is an intermediary who manages the transport of a good when it has to face one or more successive transport changes. To put it simply, the transit agent handles a large part of the transport logistics. In addition, the freight forwarder can be either a person or a company, and can be designated by both the consignee and the consignor of the goods.

By extension, the role of the international freight forwarder is therefore to organise transport and coordinate the various actors involved, when goods are transferred between several countries. In concrete terms, the coordination carried out by the international freight forwarder includes the following main tasks:

  • Handle relations with all partners involved (insurance companies, carriers, chambers of commerce, customs, etc.).
  • Ensure the link between carriers, whatever their route (air, sea, inland waterway, road, rail, etc.).
  • Guarantee the continuity of transport, so that goods reach their destination as quickly as possible and under optimal conditions.
  • Monitor the shipment of goods and inform the customer accordingly.
  • Manage the administrative procedures related to transport and changes.

Focus on administrative management

Administrative formalities are important in the field of freight transport logistics, particularly in the case of connections between different carriers. And when the transport is done internationally, these procedures are even more cumbersome. The international freight forwarder is therefore a great help in handling all this paperwork!

In the event of an export of goods, the forwarder shall compile a complete file, which shall include:

  • The bill of lading (or loading order).
  • The packing list, which lists all the goods to be transported.
  • The commercial invoice.
  • The certificate of origin of each good (granted by an accredited body), which attests that the exported products have been produced, manufactured or processed in a specific country. This certificate is not related to the country whose goods are being shipped.

In addition, administrative management related to export also includes:

  • Obtaining various certificates.
  • Compliance with customs regulations.
  • Administrative and financial procedures concerning the staff.
  • Legal issues (regulations, disputes, etc.).
  • Insurance formalities.
  • The management of documentary credits (or letters of credit).
  • Tax representation, etc.


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