Is there anything you need to carry between Malaysia and Thailand? You've arrived at the right spot; on this page, you'll find some helpful information on international shipping from Malaysia. We'll provide you with some essential information: Regulations, customs processes, air freight, ocean freight, and so on… Docshipper Malaysia has compiled all of this data for you.

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What is the best method of transport between Malaysia and Thailand?

You have the option of importing or exporting your items to Malaysia. It is possible to travel by sea, air, or land. Because each choice has advantages and disadvantages, our moving expert will guide you in picking the ideal solution.

Sea Freight between Malaysia and Thailand

Sea Freight between Malaysia and Thailand

Even if Malaysia and Thailand are only separated by a land border, it often happens that importers/exporters use sea freight to ship their goods. In fact, if you want to ship a relatively significant volume, frequently more than 3 cubic meters, sea freight provides a cheaper cost (depending on many other factors). The sea is also the most environmentally friendly mode of transportation for commodities. It does, however, take significantly longer than air freight.

The benefits of sea freight

The major advantage is that carrying items from Asia to all corners of the globe, especially from Asia (including Thailand) to Malaysia, is the least expensive! In comparison to other modes of transportation, such as road transit, sea freight has a larger weight-carrying capability.

Express shipping, which is offered by many forwarding providers and covers a wide range of shipping routes, may give you with a confirmed delivery date. You may have speedier delivery times while still reaping the benefits of ocean shipping. If you care about the environment, ocean travel has a lesser carbon impact than air travel.

Negative aspects of marine freight

The fundamental disadvantage of ocean freight is that it has traditionally taken significantly longer than air freight. Shipping products from Malaysia to Thailand, for example, might take anything from 3-6 days, depending on the final destination.

The main shipping seaports in Thailand

Port de fret a Amsterdam

Thailand has a lot of seaports everywhere in the country, but there are only three of them that are recognized as main commercial seaports : 

  • Klong Toey or Bangkok Port situated near Bangkok
  • Laem Chabang situated in the Chon Buri Province
  • Sriracha Harbour Deep Seaport in Chon Buri 

Transit time between the ports of Malaysia and Thailand

The travel time by sea from Malaysia to Thailand is projected to be 9 to 12 days, not counting pick-up and delivery at the origin and destination. Obviously, it depends on where you are in Malaysia, as well as other factors.

Malaysia / Thailand Port of Thailand
Port Of Kelang 4-5 days
Port Of Tanjung Pelepas 4-5 days
Port Of Penang 10-11 days

Please keep in mind that the transit time includes just the freight. Pick-up, delivery, loading, and unloading, which are not included, may lengthen the duration of your shipment.

Should I ship my goods between Malaysia and Thailand as a groupage or as a full container?

The following are the three major types of standard container sizes. They may all be utilized for personal or professional transportation. We can see that merchants utilize them the most for any type of solid sample:

  • The 40 feet HQ (High Cube, which has a capacity of 76 cubic meters)
  • The 40 feet container (which has a capacity of 67 cubic meters)
  • The 20 feet container (which has a capacity of 33 cubic meters)

Less than Container Load (LCL)

When you require extra product (size or quantity) to fill the entire container, LCL shipping is a good option. Furthermore, it allows you to just pay for the area that you use, making it ideal for little deliveries. Your wares will be piled next to those of another merchant moving in the same direction.

Full Container Load (FCL)

It means that from the time of departure to the time of arrival, just one customer occupies the entire carrier. To decrease hazards and expenses, the container will be sealed as soon as it leaves the company's premises and will remain sealed until it is delivered to the client.

It is an excellent means of transportation to use if you intend to purchase many items.

As a consequence, regardless of whether you fill it completely, flawless user FCL will be safer and less costly for a larger number. Without a doubt, a full container may be less expensive than LCL beginning at 15 m3.


Specialized maritime transport between Malaysia and Thailand

The number of goods you have and the size of your charge all influence the type of assistance you'll need. The following details are critical to remember if you are carrying specific items.

Reefer container

A cold container, often known as a reefer, can keep a certain temperature regardless of the outside conditions. It works by communicating commands to the boat's deck.


Roll-on/roll-off (Ro-Ro) ships are particularly built to transport wheeled items such as automobiles, trucks, vans, semi-trailers, and rail line carriages, which are propelled by their own tires both inside and outside the ship.

The most secure and effective method of handling and transporting huge or unusual company items. Deliveries are frequently transported as a single unit from the pier to the ultimate destination, using specialized containers.


Bulk supplies are delivered directly to the ship's cargo. As a consequence, a local certification is generated and made available for both common and bulk shipments. Large-scale, freely moving cargo. Bulk carriers are ships that are particularly intended to transport various types of cargo, such as sand, aggregates, grain, and dense products such as minerals.


OOG Out of Gauge (OOG) freight is defined as "out of measure or out of standard." OOG chambers may be divided into two categories: accessible containers and plain stack containers.

The Open Top Container transports finished items that must be handled and loaded with a forklift.


Info Docshipper: The experts at DocShipper are available to address any queries you may have regarding heavy lifting or other types of cargo. They will respond to all of your inquiries and present you with the best option available. Get in touch with us for more details.

How much does it cost to ship from Malaysia to Thailand?

The cost of shipping products by sea varies greatly, depending on a number of factors. For example, you will not select the same container type based on whether you are sending a large or little amount.

If you are shipping less than 15 cubic meters, we recommend using an LCL (Less than Container Load) rather than an FCL (Full Container Load) (Full Container Load). Naturally, our experts will aid you in selecting the best option for your needs.

*Depending on your needs, we may provide packing and/or loading services, which will impact the final cost.

We can, however, explain how this is calculated because marine freight costs are dependent on the weight and quantity of goods sent.

  • It is important to understand that the weight/volume ratio is calculated using the following equivalence rule: 1 tonne = 1 m3
  • Groupage and traditional transportation are well-established in UP. This measurement is equal to one of the following values:
  • Regardless of the unit of measurement, it will always be in the carrier's benefit to do the calculation or correlate to the highest value (in volume or in mass).


Remark Docshipper : You are interested in learning more about our packaging service. Speak with a shipping expert or visit our specialized page : Service of packaging.

Additional charges

Charges assessed by sea transport firms are in addition to the agreed-upon fee and are determined by the conditions. The complexities of the expense of carrying freight by sea set it apart.

Bunker Adjustment Factor, or BAF

This tariff supplement reflects changes in oil prices. Due to the consumption of new ships during the first oil embargo in 1973, maritime firms began to employ it. It has been on schedule since then.

Currency Adjustment Factor, or CAF

This charge reflects fluctuations in the value of the dollar. Because the vast majority of marine shipping rates are calculated in US dollars, firms use this additional as cash flow insurance.

Terminal Handling Charge (THC)

THC represents the handling expenses of loading and unloading at the harbor. The price of conventional cargo (also known as “non-containerized”) may be variable or fixed depending on the kind of container used. In the latter case, the rate is determined per kilo and may contain extra charges (for “excessive” size or weight).

Port obstruction

Port congestion is caused by a mismatch between a port's operational capability and the number of ships. A ship must wait at one of these ports for many days before it may discharge its cargo. Corporations levy a premium to compensate for this “loss of income.” The Persian Gulf and Mediterranean ports (Algeria, Libya, and others) are the most congested.

Air Freight between Malaysia and Thailand

Air freight from Malaysia to Thailand

Air freight travel from Thailand to Malaysia is quite easy and fast. Thailand is both a maritime and an aviation center, and the country has several airports all around the territory, including 6 international airports.

When delivering a few items, air freight is typically preferable to sea freight. In reality, there are additional charges involved with delivering small amounts by sea, such as port bundling and unbundling fees since your goods must share a container with other deliveries. As a result, if your cargo does not exceed 3 m3, we recommend delivery by air.

Express versus regular air freight?

Conventional or express air freight?

There are two distinct forms of transportation available:

Conventional air freight: This approach takes advantage of the space aboard commercial aircraft and is used to convey products on regularly scheduled flights by airlines such as British Airways, Air China, Thai Airways, and Qatar Airways.

Express air freight: Items are carried by aircraft designed expressly for air freight under this second, more expensive option. Door-to-door services, such as picking up items from the airport and delivering them to the consumer, are then performed by businesses known as "courier firms." UPS, FedEx, TNT, and DHL are among them. This way of delivering items to customers allows for hand delivery anywhere in the world.

classic vs express air freight

Airports in Thailand 

As we said before, Thailand has different airports all around the country. Six of them are international and there are four more that are national airports. Here is the list of these 10 airports:

Delais de livraison

Transit time between Malaysia and Thailand airports

The normal flight from Malaysia to Thailand should take 1 to 2 hours, depending on your departure point. Allow 6 to 9 days for full delivery from the pick-up site to the delivery destination. Again, this is just a guess.

*Take note that the logistical process does not end with the flight; a package might get held at customs for a variety of reasons.

Note Docshipper : Transit times are difficult to forecast because they mostly depend on budget; a flight leaving the next day is possible, but it will probably be more expensive. In general, 2 to 4 days might be expected. For more information, don't hesitate to contact us.

 How much does air freight cost between Malaysia and Thailand?

Because weight and volume concerns have such a large impact on air freight pricing, the cost is likely to vary depending on what you transfer. Furthermore, your box will be subject to customs clearance upon arrival, thus the contents of your shipping will have an influence on your charges.

What is the difference between volumetric and gross weight?

*To consider the density of your shipment, two methods are used to sort out the chargeable weight of your goods.

Let's look at how air freight prices are calculated together. The most important distinction to understand is between volumetric weight and actual weight. After you have your air freight estimates, you will be able to interpret them.

gross-vs-dimensional-weight           airfreight-volumetric-weight-formula

  If the volumetric weight is more than the actual weight of your shipment, the carrier will issue a fee based on this weight. Now that you understand how it works, you may use online load weight calculators to make things easier.

DocShipper Plus: We are able to provide you with excellent pricing for large air cargo services between Malaysia and Thailand because of our strong relationships with international cargo carriers. To transport your items wherever you are, we may plan both regular and courier air freight, as well as add truckload services. In less than 24 hours, get in touch with us for a quotation.


Trucking between Malaysia and Thailand

Cross border to Thailand

Our skilled truck drivers will go along the country till they reach the border between the two countries. Trucking services provide an amazing level of freedom in that the delivery place might be anywhere in the destination country.

Because road freight necessitates good forecasting and planning, please contact your DocShipper Expert as soon as possible to arrange everything and determine the optimal routes.

We provide a broad variety of cross-border transportation services, including:

  • Quick customs clearance and assistance with papers
  • Processes and paths are completely transparent.
  • Door-to-door delivery with real-time tracking of your package
  • Professional motorists
  • Customer service that is committed
  • Estimated duties and taxes

If necessary, we give all of the requested licenses.

We have been organizing such shipments throughout South-East Asia for some years. As a result, we have a unique competence, allowing us to provide the finest quality services accessible on the market.

Transit times

Despite the huge distance between some parts of Thailand and Malaysia, transit times are still faster as compared to sea freight.

Here are some examples:

Kuala Lumpur Bangkok 3-4 days
Malacca Bangkok 3-4 days
Penang Bangkok 3-4 days
Kuching Bangkok 3-4 days


Customs clearance in Thailand for goods imported from Malaysia

As you are certainly aware, while traveling from one country to another with personal belongings, you must pass through customs and get your stuff cleared. Siam Relocation may be able to help you with customs clearance because they are familiar to working with customs.

Process of Customs

Once the truck arrives at the Johor customs gate, officers from the Royal Malaysian Customs Department will inspect your order and supporting documentation.

You need the following documentation to clear your products for export:

  • Packing list, 
  • Commercial Invoice, 
  • Air Waybill, 
  • Export Permit (if required)

When exporting items that need a license, the exporter is frequently required to register with the Malaysian Companies Commission. One of the criteria is a license to export certain plants, forest products, minerals, and other things. The official website of the Royal Malaysian Customs Department offers a list of the items that require this export license.

Before shipment, your items must be classified and declared to Malaysian authorities. Malaysia, like the majority of customs administrations, classifies your items using the System Source tax code. You may examine how your goods are categorized using the HSS Explorer. 2 Tariffs and taxes may apply to your purchase depending on what you are sending.

Information Docshipper:  You may pay duties and GST in person at the Thai Customs Tax Bill Department using visa and MasterCard, mobile wallets, NETS payments, or Cashcard. On the Customs SG mobile app and website, credit cards from Visa or Master are also an option for payment.

Malaysia is aligned with the Harmonized Tariff System (HTS) for imported and exported goods coming from member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Here is the composition of an HS Code, you can now see what an HS code is and what does it mean.

How can I find my HS code?

  • Asking your dealer is the smartest and safest line of action.
  • Visit this website to find the HS code if he is unable to supply it.
  • It is quite easy to use.find-HS-code-online

Do you already know the HS Code of your products? You can find the tariff barrier that applies on the official website. Note that at the moment their website ( is down, so you should check directly with our DocShipper experts.

To find further information about duties and taxes in Malaysia according to your HS code, please check the official website: Customs in Malaysia

How to estimate taxes and customs duties

  • To calculate the customs duty, add the total value of the imported goods to the consumption tax (if applicable) + environmental protection rate (if applicable) + tax rate.
  • The VAT is calculated by multiplying the total cost of the imported product plus the import tax) by the VAT rate.
  • To calculate the special consumption tax, just multiply the product's value by the applicable SCT rate.
  • To calculate the environmental protection tax, multiply the number of taxable commodities by the EPR rate.
  • Finally, to calculate all the taxes that apply to importing into Malaysia, simply perform the following calculation: Import duty + VAT, as well as any applicable TCS and EPT

Does Docshipper impose any duties?

We will not take money as part of your regular obligations. We will return the information provided by Malaysian Customs in order to demonstrate this to you. An indulgence is only available for the costs of creating a regulatory information document. DocShipper will be responsible for getting these customs leniency fees because we will be creating the necessary documents for you. The government will be in charge of collecting customs fees.

Advice Docshipper : It is fairly typical to incur significant additional taxes at the conclusion of your import. We suggest you be well informed on all taxes. Contact Docshipper for additional details.

What documentation is required for freight between Malaysia and Thailand ?

Documents of conformity (CE standard)

The certificate of origin confirms the country of origin of the transported commodities. This document identifies the production nation, which should not be confused with the place of origin of the items. This is a prerequisite for international trade.

Certificate of Origin

If you are traveling to Malaysia or Thailand, you must have the original invoice in order to clear your items through customs. Check that the quantity stated on the packing list matches the amount shown on the original invoice.

Certificate of origin Malaysia

Bill of Lading

The bill of lading, which acts as proof of transportation, attests to the exporter's delivery of the specified items. The bill of lading is a legal document that must be regarded as well. It also provides all the information needed to manage the freight and correctly invoice it.

Bill of lading-DocShipper

Packing List

A "packing list" is a document created by shippers for each partner in the supply chain. This formal document, which provides all the data on the product(s) and packaging that are included in each shipment, is required for every air and marine freight goods.

Additional DocShipper Services


Warehousing and storage

If you have an emergency, a setback, or anything else that can interfere with your transfer, a warehousing service may be helpful to you. For instance, you may store your products at our warehouse if you need to leave Thailand a few days before they are sent to Thailand. We have alarm systems and guards on duty around-the-clock to completely safeguard our warehouses. You may have complete faith in us.

Visit our specialty page at Warehousing.

service -emballage

Packaging and repackaging

Boxes are the most used kind of packaging material. If your cardboard is of excellent quality, it may be of various sizes and extremely durable. If you're on a limited budget, pack wisely. Choose quality boxes for critical and durable things.

SIAM Relocation offers to handle all of your packing requirements for you. Whatever you desire may be packed by our technical staff. Some items have unusual proportions, right? They'll do the packing for you! You are unable to pack since you lack furnishings for packing. For you, they will pack!

More information can be found on our specialist page: packing services.


Cargo Insurance

The price of insurance fluctuates according to the kind of vehicle used, the concept of the product, and the insurance company. The pronounced value may be raised by up to 20% to reflect any damage, regardless of the items. The advocate states the item's value in addition to the primary transportation costs.

View our specialty page here: insurance services.

service de Demenagement

Relocating and moving personal effects

Is it true that you desire to travel to Malaysia? When you travel, you may have a lot of bags or mementos to transport. Professionals handle all the urgent, packaging, and customs inspection to guarantee works great for your residence, whether it is in Malaysia, Thailand, or any other country on the globe.

Visit our dedicated page for moving assistance.

DocShipper Advise : We help you with the entire sourcing process so don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

  • Having trouble finding the appropriate product? Enjoy our sourcing services, we directly find the right suppliers for you!
  • You don't trust your supplier? Ask our experts to do quality control to guarantee the condition of your goods!
  • Do you need help with the logistics? Our international freight department supports you with door to door services!
  • You don't want to handle distribution? Our 3PL department will handle the storage, order fulfillment, and last-mile delivery!


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