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Want to see what our test reports look like? Take a look at the following PDF: QC report example

What can we inspect during a quality control?

We can inspect a lot of things ... Indeed, we will simply comply with your requirements according to 2 factors that you will determine yourself (with our help if necessary):

  • Inspection width: Out of X units purchased, how many would you like to check. Obviously, the more there are, the more the control will take time and will be expensive.
  • Inspection depth: On the units inspected, what should we check? Is it an appearance and / or a functional check? How deep is this one?

service inspection products

cargo inspection verification

Why choose DocShipper quality control services?

  1. A price that includes the entire service, no surprises to budget your business
  2. Inspectors available in less than 48 hours
  3. An inspection report issued within 24 hours on average
  4. A turnkey solution that adapts to your project
  5. A team of experts who support you from A to Z


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