Obviously, DocShipper Malaysia propose packing service to insure your shipment. The packing is a very important step because it will guarantee the safety of your goods from departure to arrival. Considering that this step as a certain cost, some customer don’t feel they really need it, big mistake! Let us tell you why…

Why packing services is important ?

Safety of your goods 

Naturally, the first purpose of the packing will be to insure your goods from the departure to the arrival. The packaging will cushion shocks all along the shipment.

In some case, it will even be necessary to pack your goods, it is the case of all sensitive products for example. In this case, it will be mandatory to pack them according to international standards.

Avoid issue with insurance 

We all know how insurance work… They are every time trying to find the (very) small mistake to avoid any refund. That’s the case with the packaging for example. That’s why, our DocShipper expert used to advise to handle this step in the proper way.

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Info DocShipper: You want further information about packaging you should prepare for your future shipment? Feel free to check this interesting article from ISO. Reminder: ISO is an independent, non-governmental international organization with a membership of 164 national standards bodies. The article is available here: Moving goods with ISO Standards

DIY – Do It Yourself packing

How to pack by yourself? The step by step 

Getting Started and Getting Organized

  • Gather all needed packing providers and move boxes of various sizes.
  • Create a folder with vital work you'll want throughout the cargo.
  • Take photos of difficult setups, like machines or others…
  • Make a spacious packing place at your warehouse, office, home…

Packing Effectively and Efficiently

  • Wrap every item properly with enough layers of wrapping sheets, bubble wrap
  • Make sure to pack everything that belongs in a very explicit space in a room-labeled box.
  • Begin mutilation of any giant things.

Finishing the Job

  • Pack an “open first” box last (if needed)
  • Stack the boxes as you're finished filling, taping, and labeling them.
  • If you've unbroken track of what number of boxes you have got, count them up.
  • Look in every place and confirm that everything has been well-packed

What does DocShipper expect in this case? 

  • We expect your house/warehouse to be organized before we arrive.
  • We attempt to organize the truck by space to create unpacking easier.
  • We will wrap, pad, and set up a piece of furniture (if needed)
  • We will double-check every entry/exit to make sure we have everything


Things to remember during the packing 

Packing list 

The packing list is one of the most important documents that accompanies your shipment. It will show all your items with several details:

  • Quantity per item
  • Value per item
  • Departure / Arrival
  • Owner’s name & contact

Warning DocShipper: In some cases, we must put the HS code, and dimensions/volume of each item.


Labeling is quite important in order to facilitate the organization of the shipment. Indeed, each box should be labeled to help to identify them. The packing list mentioned above should notify what items are in what boxes as well.

Pros and Cons of Packing Yourself Vs. Hiring Professional Packing Services

Pros of Hiring a Packing Service

  • It's quick.
  • Your items will be packed properly.
  • Your items are less likely to be damaged.

Cons of Hiring a Packing Service

  • Increased cost.
  • Lack of control.
  • Trusting the packers.

Pros of Packing Yourself

  • Lower costs.
  • You have more control.
  • You are less susceptible to theft.

Cons of Packing Yourself 

  • It's time-consuming.
  • You may not pack items correctly.
  • Furniture disassembly can be difficult.
  • We are not liable for boxes that they didn't pack.

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