International Shipping 101

International Shipping 101 : The Essential Freight Documents You Need

International transport is a complex and time-consuming operation, as the slightest mistake can lead to high costs, especially when it comes to preparing the necessary documents. It is difficult to master all of them, especially since they differ depending on the mode of transport used.

In this article, we will introduce you to the different documents you will need to ship your goods.

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FOB (free on board) Vs CFR (cost and freight) Incoterms explained

FOB (free on board) Vs CFR (cost and freight): Incoterms explained

For both buyers and sellers, the transportation of goods for international trade naturally involves costs, but also risks, which are shared by each party to the contract in varying proportions. This is why Incoterms were created : it is a kind of insurance that aims to protect buyers and sellers during transport links and transfers of goods. This tool was created by the International Chamber of Commerce and is the contraction of the English words International, Commercial and Terms (IN-CO-TERMS). In short, Incoterms designate a contract, signed between different parties (buyers and sellers), in the framework of commercial exchanges.

In this article, we come back to two incoterms applicable exclusively to maritime transport: FOB and CFR.

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Why Cargo Insurance Important

Why is Cargo Insurance Important ?

Numerous hazards weigh on the items during their routing, including theft, loss, damage, etc. These risks can be covered by the carrier's civil liability as well as by an insurance contract carried out by the shipper who utilizes its services. Sometimes regular (accident, fire...), sometimes extraordinary (strike, theft...) events. In fact, it is to the shipper's best advantage to insure his products given the exclusions and liability restrictions placed on transportation providers. Learn about the various insurance options available to you so you can safeguard your business, your logistics plan, and your flow of goods.

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