Top 5 Best Freight Forwarders in Malaysia

Top 5 Best Freight Forwarders in Malaysia

Freight forwarders are professionals who play a crucial role in the management and delivery of goods around the world. In Malaysia, many freight forwarders offer superior services to satisfy the needs of their customers. In this context, we will discuss the best five freight forwarders in Malaysia, who are known for their experience, reliability, efficiency, and excellent service quality.

These companies have established a solid reputation in the logistics and supply chain industry, and are well-positioned to help companies navigate the complex world of international trade.

List of the 5 best freight forwarders in Malaysia:

  • DHL Global Forwarding, Malaysia 
  • DocShipper
  • Kuehne + Nagel, Malaysia
  • Maersk Malaysia
  • DB Schenker Malaysia

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letter of credit international trade

What is a Letter of Credit and How Does It Work ?

As we all know the process of moving goods from one country to another, whether it is export or import, is somehow stressful and complicated for beginners and requires a lot of administrative procedures and documents, one of the most important of those is the letter of credit.

In this article, we will give a detailed explanation of the letter of credit, its role and how to get it.

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Top 10 Cargo Shipping Myths Debunked

Top 10 Cargo Shipping Myths Debunked

Shipping cargo can be a complex and overwhelming process, and there are many misconceptions that circulate about how it works.

In this article, we will debunk some of the most common myths about international freight shipping that we heard from our clients and provide a clearer understanding of the industry. Whether you are a business owner who needs to ship goods abroad, or you are simply curious about how cargo is transported around the world, this article is for you. 

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6 Ways To Enhance Your Parcel Delivery Service In 2023

Technology has massively impacted virtually every industry, including e-commerce businesses. And one of the most important elements of an e-commerce business is package delivery. Bad courier services eventually impact your business reputation, which can result in losing customers. 

In today’s competitive business world, the market trends keep changing for courier service providers. With the new year around the corner, there must be some significant guidelines that should be followed to gain a competitive advantage. So, what methods can help a parcel delivery service grow in 2023? Let’s hash it out here.

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How to Choose and Negotiate the right Incoterms

Shipping: How to Choose and Negotiate the right Incoterms?

Incoterms are a set of trade rules established by the International Chamber of Commerce ("ICC") that are used in international sales contracts. The purpose of Incoterms is simple: to establish a standardized logistics terminology to prevent confusion and disagreements between international buyers and sellers. Incoterms are not mandatory rules, but in order for them to have legal effect, they must be explicitly incorporated by the parties into their contract.

In the following article, we will describe their basic features and how to use them for all modes of transport.

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FOB (free on board) Vs CFR (cost and freight) Incoterms explained

FOB (free on board) Vs CFR (cost and freight): Incoterms explained

For both buyers and sellers, the transportation of goods for international trade naturally involves costs, but also risks, which are shared by each party to the contract in varying proportions. This is why Incoterms were created : it is a kind of insurance that aims to protect buyers and sellers during transport links and transfers of goods. This tool was created by the International Chamber of Commerce and is the contraction of the English words International, Commercial and Terms (IN-CO-TERMS). In short, Incoterms designate a contract, signed between different parties (buyers and sellers), in the framework of commercial exchanges.

In this article, we come back to two incoterms applicable exclusively to maritime transport: FOB and CFR.

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How Calculate Shipping Costs when Selling Online

How to Calculate Shipping Costs when Selling Online?

In this fiercely competitive retail climate, it is crucial to give your consumers the best shipping rates. Customers shouldn't be guided through the entire purchasing process only for them to abandon their basket at the last minute due to expensive shipping costs. Shipping costs have a significant impact on consumers' purchasing decisions.

In order to help you determine the optimal shipping prices for your company, we go through both of these points in detail in this piece. Let's start now.

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How logistics emerged post covid-19

How logistics emerged post covid-19?

Logistics companies connect firms to markets by providing various services, including multimodal transportation, freight forwarding, warehousing, and inventory management. They are important for global manufacturing, which is complex and multi-location. It is imperative to keep the flow of goods so that critical supplies can get where they are needed. The global logistics industry faces its biggest challenge. The COVID-19 outbreak has increased the importance of supply chains in responding to needs in real time and in the transportation of goods, whether in managing the increase in online retail demand or maintaining the supply of medical supplies and fresh products. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that logistics needs to evolve to build stronger supply chains. We all depend on them to achieve food security, health and stability, as their mission is to keep people safe and businesses operational, while customers adapt to the new challenges.

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