How Calculate Shipping Costs when Selling Online

How to Calculate Shipping Costs when Selling Online?

In this fiercely competitive retail climate, it is crucial to give your consumers the best shipping rates. Customers shouldn't be guided through the entire purchasing process only for them to abandon their basket at the last minute due to expensive shipping costs. Shipping costs have a significant impact on consumers' purchasing decisions.

In order to help you determine the optimal shipping prices for your company, we go through both of these points in detail in this piece. Let's start now.

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What do shipping fees entail?

calculate shipping feesThe direct costs involved in getting a product from a shelf in your store or warehouse to a customer's door are known as shipping costs. The following expenses are only a few of them:

  • Box, package, tape, and sticker prices
  • The price of hiring a worker to pick, pack, and send a package
  • The fee for a courier to pick up and deliver a package
  • The price of import/export charges for international shipping

We'll talk about further expenses like insurance and handling fees later, but for now, let's stick to these. As a retailer, your goals are to deliver an item from your shelf to your consumer in the predetermined amount of time, at the lowest possible price, and to make sure it gets there in good shape.

What Makes Shipping Cost Calculation Important?

When determining shipping costs as a store, you must consider both your spending plan and the needs of your customers. Over time, charging too little will reduce your profit margins and is unsustainable. If you overcharge, you risk losing clients to rival businesses.

You could notice that several of your rivals are providing free shipping or shipping discounts. Although it could be tempting to act similarly, it's quite likely that they've gone through a careful shipping cost assessment process in order to provide such discounts. It would be ideal if you followed suit. You can provide an instant shipping quote at the checkout, which is now required by customers who shop online, if you are aware of your shipping prices. This frequently involves work on the back end, such as configuring shipping costs for each product and entering delivery zones.

However, doing so will increase consumer loyalty and trust, which will ultimately result in increased sales. Building brand loyalty through shipping cost transparency is also a terrific idea. Another strategy to reduce shopping cart abandonment rates is to provide a variety of shipping options at various pricing points. Customers get a personalized experience and the impression that they are making the decisions.

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How to Calculate Shipping Prices?

Calculate Shipping Prices?

We have listed three categories of shipping expenses below. You must pick which is ideal for your company and customers based on each's benefits and drawbacks. Because there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution, figuring out delivery costs is crucial.

Calculated Shipping

The simplest method for figuring out shipping costs is calculated shipping. Measure the package's weight and dimensions to determine the cost. Based on these measures and the customer's location, the shipping cost is determined. In comparison to the other two methods, this one's only drawback is that you have to figure out the pricing for each of 1,000 separate products. Spending the time to do this will, however, pay off greatly because your consumers will receive a shipping estimate based on the precise item they buy.

Fixed-price Shipping

With flat-rate shipping, you only charge one price for all shipments, regardless of their size, weight, or shape. The only time the cost could vary is when shipping to various nations. Customers can purchase as much as they want using this strategy and only pay a single, predetermined fee. Small businesses frequently choose it since it is dependable and convenient. It's not the best approach for huge firms with more serious logical issues. You must determine the average shipping cost for the entire business before providing a flat-rate shipping service. Then, you can raise the shipping prices as your expenses grow, and as they decrease, the cost to your clients will decrease.

Free Delivery

The bulk of retailers appear to offer free shipping, and for good reason. Free shipping is popular with customers and can be a wonderful strategy to boost sales. But for the store, it can be a different tale. Retailers have two choices for free shipping:

  • Include shipping costs in the list price of the goods to make it possibly more expensive than rivals.
  • Margin reduction and freight cost absorption

Customers won't hesitate to spend more if you use the phrase "Free shipping on all orders!" across your website. Additionally, it simplifies the checkout procedure.

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Shipping internationally

cost shipping international

The whole cost of sending a product throughout the world, or landed cost, must be taken into account when doing international shipping. These could consist of:

  • Purchase cost
  • Transport charges
  • Currency exchange
  • Taxes and duties
  • Any additional expenses

Because of the many factors at play, determining landing cost is not always easy. It also greatly depends on the exporting nation. The cost of importing a product might sometimes be borne by the buyer, but it can also occasionally be shared by the buyer and supplier. Before sending products, any agreements of this nature should be established.

What Details Are Necessary to Calculate Shipping Costs?

The shipping point and origin, package weight, package dimensions, and projected delivery periods are the four factors needed to compute shipping costs. These numbers can be used to calculate the majority of postal shipping charges. Using a shipping cost calculator and these data, you may compare shipping costs. Before sending a package, you may usually verify the shipping prices with the shipping firms. You might be eligible for bulk shipping discounts or corporate shipping rates if you mail many items.

Points of Origin and Destination for Shipping

In general, the cost of shipping increases as the distance traveled increases. This is particularly well with regard to shipping costs abroad. The same box will cost less to send to California than it will to Europe. Shipping zones are used to calculate U.S. shipping costs. These are used by businesses like UPS, USPS, FedEx, and DHL to figure out how much it will cost to ship anything domestically. The following are the U.S. shipping zones.

Maritime Zone Between-Origin and-Destination Distance
Zone 1 0 - 80 km
Zone 2 82 - 241 km
Zone 3 243 - 483 km
Zone 4 484 - 966 km
Zone 5 967 - 1609 km
Zone 6 1611 - 2253 km
Zone 7 2255 - 2897 km
Zone 8 2898 + km

How to calculate the freight cost with the package weight?


Based on weight, it is easy to determine how much a product will cost to send. To determine the delivery cost, all you need to do is weigh the box. Get a shipping quote based on dimensional volume if the package is small yet heavy. It might be less expensive. Always use the package's overall weight rather than the product's weight when figuring out postage by weight. Let's say you use additional packaging, such as cardboard, bubble wrap, and shredded paper, for breakable objects. In that instance, it can make the package heavier. The added weight would make shipment more expensive.

Size of the package

Package dimensions are measured as length, breadth, and height. For irregularly shaped and large goods, dimensional volume is helpful. Dimensional weight and product weight are frequently combined by couriers to determine shipment charges. The goal is to make an educated guess as to how much room the box will occupy on the delivery vehicle so that they can make deliveries more effectively. For some packages, using dimensional shipping weight can result in a lower cost. Reduce total package volume and shipping expenses by purchasing a variety of shipping box sizes.

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Time frames for Shipping Delivery

Typically, delivery timeframes are directly related to the services you are offering. Therefore, you must employ an overnight service if you offer one-day shipment. As an alternative, you may provide the buyer with a variety of shipping options based on how quickly they require the item. The price of shipping services is directly proportional to the time it takes for delivery. For instance, overnight shipping is more expensive than three-day shipment. Of course, the delivery cost will also depend on the item's weight and size.

Cost of Shipping Comparison

Even if you've been shipping packages for a while, you should still compare shipping prices on a regular basis. Comparison shopping frequently ensures you are giving your consumers the best bargain. You can use our shipping cost estimator to accomplish this : Express - DocShipper

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What can affect the freight rates?

What other factors affect shipment costs? We've seen how destination, size, weight, and delivery service affect shipping costs. You must take into account these services when estimating shipping charges to provide your clients with the finest online buying experience and to lessen the possibility of cart abandonment.

Insurance for shipments


If you are shipping valuable, sentimental, or fragile items, you must get shipping insurance. You and your company will be protected by shipping insurance from merchandise loss, damage, or theft that occurs during shipping and handling. Despite excellent delivery rates, losing one or two expensive shipments that aren't insured could have an impact on your profits, particularly if your margins are tight. The expense of purchasing shipment insurance will probably be minimal in comparison to the price of the item. Sometimes as little as 3% of the value of the package. To get the best bargain, it is important to compare shipping insurance charges among couriers and outside parties.

Costs associated with shipping

It is unavoidable that shipping-related costs will occasionally be incurred due to the nature of shipping and handling. Both domestic and international shipping may result in this. Pickup location, fuel surcharges, and fines for errors are the three shipping-related costs to watch out for. Charges for pick-up are both general and courier-specific. They might have to do with pickups from residential addresses and deliveries conducted outside the typical service zones. When employing express services like overnight or same-day, fuel surcharges are typical. Forecasting becomes challenging since these expenditures fluctuate depending on the price of fuel. The following fees would be considered "mistakes'':

  • Sending something back to the sender
  • Packages getting rejected
  • It took several tries to deliver the package.
  • Addresses that need to be changed while in transit.

Charges Associated With Parcel Handling

Sending risky products is the parcel handling fee that is most frequently incurred. Anything from batteries to needles to firearms could fall under this category. If you are mailing things like these, it is possible that you will need to utilize special packaging stickers. When two individuals are required to deliver a package, there is another illustration of extra handling fees. Couches and refrigerators are typical examples of large, heavy objects. Similar to this, strangely shaped and sized shipments, as well as objects like wooden or metal containers, could be charged these fees.

Taxes and duties

There are other things to take into account when sending worldwide, as we indicated in the "shipping globally" section. Duties and taxes are the additional expenses you will most likely encounter. These depend on the contents of your shipment and the item's value. Sometimes they are split between the buyer and seller, and other times they are covered by both. You should be aware of Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) and Delivered Duty Unpaid (DDU) taxes (DDP). Hidden costs could emerge from a failure to comprehend these.

DDU Shipments - The seller is responsible for covering all fees, excluding any duty or taxes that will be owed when the package reaches the destination country. Simply put, this means that the cost of delivering the products to the recipient's door must be included in the sale price of the goods. Everything, including shipping costs, customs fees, and handling fees, are taken care of by the vendor.

Deliver Duty Paid (DDP) shipments entail that the seller bears all expenses related to DDU shipments, including duty and import taxes. When your package reaches the country of destination, couriers may charge you extra to cover taxes and customs on your behalf.

In the event that you understate the amount of a cargo, you may also incur additional fees. This may have a significant impact on delivery timeframes because clients might need to get a new invoice before the cargo is released. Additional courier fees and warehouse fees are also typical.

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How to Set a Product’s Price

Your product price strategy is influenced by a variety of factors, including delivery costs. You must first determine how much it costs to run your firm. From this point, you can figure out how much to charge for your goods so that they make a profit and cover your operating expenses. You should have a profit and loss spreadsheet with all of your income, fixed costs, and variable costs if you don't already have one. This document ought to include information on leases for real estate and equipment, salaries, inventory, and utilities. This can be used to figure out how much to charge for your goods and make sure your margins, the difference between your costs and your price are big enough to turn a profit. You run the risk of depleting financial resources if these statistics don't add up, and ultimately the company will fail.

What Does This Have to Do With Shipping Cost?

Because it decides the shipment method, the price of your product has an impact on the shipping cost. Using the earlier free shipping example, if your product costs $10 and shipping costs $5, your sale price must be $15 in order to break even. Since your operating expenses are not taken into account, the sale price will actually be significantly greater. In general, you will need to include delivery costs in your product pricing if you want to remain competitive and on par with rivals who do so. The product's margin is calculated as the product's cost plus the markup. Because you would charge the consumer the direct cost to you, or somewhat more, you would not be earning a profit or losing money on shipping in this scenario.

How Important Is Product Pricing?

One minor element in the larger picture of your consumers' behavior is product pricing. If you carry out market research to learn more about who they are, where they reside, how much money they make, and how they spend it. Using this knowledge, you may create offers and messaging that are more likely to persuade clients to choose you over a rival. Younger shoppers might anticipate free shipping whenever they order online. On the other hand, elderly clients could be content to pay postage. Consider Amazon as an example; they provide one-day shipping on the majority of their products, making them the preferred online retailer. Such details have a direct bearing on your shipping and product pricing strategies.

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To Conclude

There are several advantages to figuring out the best shipping prices for your company. One advantage is that it might provide you a competitive edge, enabling you to offer more affordable goods or transportation costs. As a result, you gain more clients and repeat business. To get to this point, you must figure up your shipping expenses in order to select the best shipping option. There are additional expenses, such as taxes and tariffs, if you are exporting internationally, which we have discussed in this piece.

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