best 5 customs broker in Malaysia

Best 5 customs clearance brokers in Malaysia

Malaysia has an advantageous marine link that is important for global trade thanks to its strategic attributes. The Strait of Malacca connects the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean through the South China Sea, providing the quickest and most cost-effective route for the production of oil and other liquids worldwide.

For companies of all sizes, navigating the complicated world of customs regulations and procedures may be a challenging task. That's where customs clearance brokers step in, offering their expertise to streamline the import and export processes.

In this article, we explore the five best customs clearance brokers in Malaysia, known for their exceptional service, industry knowledge, and commitment to client satisfaction.

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letter of credit international trade

What is a Letter of Credit and How Does It Work ?

As we all know the process of moving goods from one country to another, whether it is export or import, is somehow stressful and complicated for beginners and requires a lot of administrative procedures and documents, one of the most important of those is the letter of credit.

In this article, we will give a detailed explanation of the letter of credit, its role and how to get it.

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6 Ways To Enhance Your Parcel Delivery Service In 2023

Technology has massively impacted virtually every industry, including e-commerce businesses. And one of the most important elements of an e-commerce business is package delivery. Bad courier services eventually impact your business reputation, which can result in losing customers. 

In today’s competitive business world, the market trends keep changing for courier service providers. With the new year around the corner, there must be some significant guidelines that should be followed to gain a competitive advantage. So, what methods can help a parcel delivery service grow in 2023? Let’s hash it out here.

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How to Choose and Negotiate the right Incoterms

Shipping: How to Choose and Negotiate the right Incoterms?

Incoterms are a set of trade rules established by the International Chamber of Commerce ("ICC") that are used in international sales contracts. The purpose of Incoterms is simple: to establish a standardized logistics terminology to prevent confusion and disagreements between international buyers and sellers. Incoterms are not mandatory rules, but in order for them to have legal effect, they must be explicitly incorporated by the parties into their contract.

In the following article, we will describe their basic features and how to use them for all modes of transport.

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