best 5 customs broker in Malaysia

Best 5 customs clearance brokers in Malaysia

Malaysia has an advantageous marine link that is important for global trade thanks to its strategic attributes. The Strait of Malacca connects the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean through the South China Sea, providing the quickest and most cost-effective route for the production of oil and other liquids worldwide.

For companies of all sizes, navigating the complicated world of customs regulations and procedures may be a challenging task. That's where customs clearance brokers step in, offering their expertise to streamline the import and export processes.

In this article, we explore the five best customs clearance brokers in Malaysia, known for their exceptional service, industry knowledge, and commitment to client satisfaction.

What is a customs broker and what does he do?

A professional who manages international trade transactions between businesses and the customs authority is known as a customs broker.

These experts have extensive knowledge in trade regulations, paperwork specifications, and customs limitations.

Their major duty is to expedite clearance while making sure import and export regulations are followed.

Customs brokers act as intermediaries, guiding importers and exporters through the convoluted maze of paperwork specifications, tariff classifications, and customs processes.

They handle important duties such drafting and submitting customs declarations, collaborating with governmental agencies, calculating tariffs and taxes, and managing any potential compliance difficulties.

An import broker can be of great help in simplifying your international trade operations, saving you time, effort, and potential fines, whether you are a new importer or exporter, working with a particular product category, or facing complex customs laws.

When dealing with foreign customs rules, reducing risks, and guaranteeing a seamless flow of products across borders, their experience is very important.

Can a customs broker be the importer of record?

The Importer of Record (IOR) is the party in charge of overseeing compliance with customs laws and taking on the corresponding obligations and liabilities in the context of customs clearance.

However, it's vital to keep in mind that customs brokers typically work on behalf of their clients rather than taking on the position of the Importer of Record themselves. This is despite the fact that they play a critical role in facilitating the clearing process.

The main duties of a customs broker include handling paperwork, giving expert advice, and guiding clients through convoluted customs processes.

However, the organization or person designated as the Importer of Record often bears ultimate responsibility for compliance, tariffs, taxes, and other legal requirements. To ensure transparency and accountability in international economic dealings, this distinction is important.

Therefore, it is essential for businesses to understand the role of a customs broker as a trusted advisor and facilitator, while retaining their own legal status as the Importer of Record.

How to find a customs broker and how to hire him?

In Malaysia, selecting a trustworthy customs broker involves serious thought and extensive investigation. The following procedures will assist you in locating and hiring the best customs broker for your company's requirements.

  1. Start by requesting recommendations from reliable sources, such as colleagues in the sector, trade associations like Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers(FMM) and Malay Chamber of Commerce, or logistical service providers like DocShipper. Their first-hand knowledge can offer insightful advice and recommendations.
  2. Use online directories, like Malaysia Yellow Pages and Malaysia Business Directory, and resources that are specialized in Malaysian customs brokerage services.
  3. Candidates should be selected based on their qualifications, standing, and length of time managing customs clearance.
  4. Make appointments for consultations with potential import brokers after you have a list of them to explain your unique needs and assess their suitability.
  5. Ask them about their comprehension of customs laws, their familiarity with related industries, and their aptitude for overcoming particular trade obstacles during these meetings.
  6. Examine their ability to communicate, responsiveness, and desire to offer specialized solutions suited to your company.
  7. Finally, take into account aspects like service costs, a company's history of compliance, and the availability of value-added services like warehousing or cargo insurance.

You can hire a Malaysian customs broker who supports your company's objectives and can efficiently simplify your customs clearance procedures by carefully weighing these factors.

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The best customs brokers companies in Malaysia


Docshipper is a leading customs clearance broker in Malaysia, renowned worldwide for its comprehensive range of import-export services and commitment to great customer service.

DocShipper Best Freight Forwarders in Malaysia

With a strong presence in the logistics industry, Docshipper has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses of all sizes, from startups to multinational corporations.

Their team of experienced customs experts possesses in-depth knowledge of Malaysian customs regulations, ensuring smooth and compliant clearance processes for their clients.

Docshipper offers a wide array of services, including customs documentation preparation, duty and tax calculations, customs compliance consulting, and assistance with permits and licenses.

Their dedication to providing efficient and cost-effective solutions has earned them a reputation for excellence in the customs brokerage field.

Whether you are importing goods from overseas or exporting products to international markets, Docshipper's expertise and personalized approach make them a top choice for businesses seeking reliable customs clearance services in Malaysia.

Unity link

Based in West Malaysia's Central Region, UnityLink has been in business since 2008.

In Peninsular Malaysia, East Malaysia and other parts of Southeast Asia, UnityLink is a provider of integrated logistics services. These services range from general goods logistics and warehousing to trucking and international road, air, and sea freight transport services, as well as temperature-controlled logistics and liquid bulk food transport.

They also have a custom brokerage service and have an experience of over 12 years in that field.

Their team of experts will guarantee easy navigation through all customs processes for international import and export cargo.


Established in 1980, Multi-Trans is one of the pioneers among Malaysia's logistics companies.

Multi-Trans, which has its headquarters in Port Klang, Malaysia's principal port, has served as the preferred logistics partner for numerous businesses and construction initiatives that have driven Malaysia's economy over the years.

They offer various services like sea freight forwarding, warehousing and of course, custom brokerage.

Multi-trans is considered as pioneers in the field of custom brokerage so they have plenty of experience, immense knowledge and their experience ensures the process to run as smoothly as possible.

Avis Pioneer Logistics

Avis Pioneer Logistics Sdn Bhd were founded in the year 2000 as forwarding agent. Today, the company offers a fully integrated service like freight forwarding, custom clearance, Warehousing, and much more.

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The business takes great satisfaction in its staff of knowledgeable experts that are thoroughly familiar with Malaysian customs laws.

They have gained the respect of companies from over 500 satisfied customers thanks to their dedication to excellence, attention to detail, and rapid customer service.

EH utara

EH Utara  began operations in 1975 as a small trading company, and has since evolved into one of the largest logistics providers, offering a wide range of services like freight forwarding, warehousing and custom brokerage.

Their custom brokerage service allows you to express your needs and they will try and provide all your demands. They have a dedicated, experienced and trained staff to ensure customs formalities to be done smoothly and efficiently.

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